Monday, September 29, 2008

Happening lately?Not really..

I guess its about time i continue my blog again for my "THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS" of valued readers of "Just too good to be true" to let them know on my latest updates.

Ok, for the past few weekends, i've been going to a nightclub called MOIS.

I've been going there so frequently on weekends that if a bouncer or the boss over there wouldn't recognise me or give me the VIP treatment that I should be accorded with, It would have definitely be a BLUFF!

Now I don't know about you, but this few weekend happens to be the same thing.

First, you accidentally come too early only noticing that you have an empty table or so called bed.

Then you wait and sit around waiting for other "happening" people to show up.

Other happening people are also waiting for other happening people to show up.

They have not arrived yet. The sight of the glass instead of happening people really tells you what clubbing should never be.

Then before you know it, you take pictures with new girls that you have been newly introduced only to know that both of you could either be a hi bye friend or sadly unacknowledged existence being in the next meet up.

Then drinking starts.

Soon, from one bottle

becomes two bottles.

And then before you know it. CAMWHORE!!CAMWHORE!!

The rest of the story is in the popular fashion website in Malaysia called cynfashion.

I hope this post wraps up on my doings for the past few weeks because really, umm, this is the only most happening thing i've been doing every week. Sad isn't it!hmm...

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