Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Guillemard Reservoir

Yesterday, I decided to visit Guillemard Reservoir.

That's right. A beautiful holiday spent visiting historical sites instead of watching Death Race in the cinema.

Oh wait...here is a small introduction to what is Guillemard Reservoir all about for those of you who don't know.

"A WATER Department within the George Town City Council was established, headed by a Municipal Water Engineer, Mr.J. D. Fettes. In the 1920's, a notable achievement by the department was the development of water resources on the north side of the Island, where a 7km pipelines was built inside a tunnel. A 600mm diameter pipelines brought water from the streams of the Batu Ferringi Valley to a service reservoir in Tanjung Bungah, known as Guillemard Reservoir."

Ok I admit I really did not know any of that before but anyhow I decided with such nice weather and having not been there for at least 8 years since my scouting days, I decided to pay that place a visit again.

How can I not go to such a place when there are pictures like this of Guillemard on the internet.

With some of the buildings that look like they were built by aliens ready to fly off to another planet.

Looking at all that, how can this place be not swarmed with tourists!!

With that, on a nice and cloudy day in the early morning, I decided to drive up the road that is known as the "Vale of Tempe" (I really have no idea how to spell it, correct me if i'm wrong) behind Tanjung Bungah and discover the Guillemard Reservoir.

You might think that such an historical site and scenic view would leave me without a single parking space.

I was wrong.

I was the only one parked there.

How can this be when its a public holiday!!

Judging from the lack of response from not even a single tourist in sight besides umm me, I decided to go ahead since i'm already there.

First of all, there is no sign to show you its Guillemard Reservoir.

I think someone stole it and sold the sign for recycling purposes. (How caring we Malaysian's are?)

Then you walk up a nicely tarred road.

Looking down, you could see all the cars using the Vale of Tempe.

At a short distance away, you walk up a few stairs.

And there you are.

THE PLACE WAS LOCKED!! Not even a a single soul was around to greet me.

Not even a hot girl dressed like an SIA stewardess would welcome you to the Reservoir.

Wait maybe that's alittle too much. (You know lack of pay)

Not even a Guard that was there to welcome us and open the gates for us and tell us a small history about the place.

NOTHING!!There was nobody!!

How can this place be so unguarded when there are like a few hundred thousand people depending on the water over there!!

What is the possibily that some crazy maniac decides to poison a quarter of the population in Penang??

Sadly...All I could do was walk around.

Even then, the walk was very short. All you could see was this that you have no idea what the building was all about.

And when you know that you start taking pictures of Ants,

You know you just got to go back home.

Spending less than 10 minutes, although its free to go to this tourist site,

Even these old men felt sad about what has happened to the place since the old days.

And what more, having to risk their lives again crossing the road back to the car.

I can't help but notice why I even took Garbage thrown at the car park area.

All I know is, this has definitely got to be the quickest historical site visit i have ever been.

Time for you to call them up and tell them all the "UNUSUAL" things going on there.


best ever rate said...

ive done something here to have you a few cents!

Mabel Leong said...

I think I flew with that stewardess before. She's Japanese.

Mr GiN said...

mabel: you can't be serious?must be rather famous to see her picture everywhere in google pics..