Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Problems with Maxis Wireless Broadband

Not too long ago, I made a mistake on calling my post the Maxis Wireless Broadband Review.

It was too EARLY to be making a review!

Its like falling in love in the early stages of a relationship when everything is like honey and later having bitter gourd, which eventually could lead to a break-up (something i'm about to do with my gadget)

Its also like driving a Nissan Sunny 130Y back in the 1980's and saying it was the hottest car ever made with girls dying to go out for a date in such a car

as much the same as what a girl would do to a Nissan 350Z today( a more improved version over the years).

But of course the way girls look today has also changed and still there will be girls who are dying to go out for a date in a Nissan Sunny today, if they look like the girls in the 1980's.

There will always be differing views on techno gadgets. But today, being a simple guy, I do love sophisticated things and I love the girls the way they look today. So this is pretty much targeted at those who umm have the same thought as I do.

ok fine!I meant this...

With that, after 9 months (since I have no choice because I signed an agreement to sign up for this Maxis Broadband thing for one full year), I can clearly say, that this is the Maxis Wireless Broadband Review. But I'm not going to call this post a review anymore.

If there was one universal truth on why couples argue or quarrel with one another, it would be PROBLEMS!!

Problems that were not fully understood or studied at the beginning of the relationship which we can never ever do.

But unlike relationships, you i mean YOU!!

YOU have the power to read and study about this Maxis Wireless Broadband PROBLEMS before I could. You can make the choice. You can decide what's good for you. You can have a better life than I did.

So, if you don't want to follow the kind of mistake that I did, read the following.

Problem 1: Unable to connect to MSN Messenger.

This is one clear-cut problem that i'm even experiencing at the moment. When you switch on the modem, and you try to connect on msn, it gives you this.

A never ending re-connection to MSN. If you'd never understand why sometimes you see people switching back-and-forth between on-line and off-line, its not because he or she is playing a fool or trying to be invisible. It takes a blardy long time to get on-line which becomes really annoying. Even throughout a conversation, the msn would just disconnect due to bad internet connection. How to ask for date like that online??

Problem 2: Problems with Internet Connection

Now if you were to have this big and humongous modem like I did,

not sure if it happens to the USB modem, it always have this occuring problem. It loses internet connection!!That means no more surfing, no more msn chatting, nothing!!You got to switch it off (as instructed by the maxis website), and then switch it on again after 10 seconds. It's like having a girlfriend you know, like sometimes she's nice, sometimes she's just not so nice. Now let me tell you this, I need 24 hour streamlined internet service, not half-broken service.This Wireless broadband has its PMS Days. Its sometimes good sometimes bad. You just don't know when!!

Problem 3: Does not provide internet access that covers the whole of Malaysia

If we wanted Wireless, we want internet connection everywhere! The whole of MALAYSIA!!

Not limited to certain spots. I want to use it in the Car, I want to use it in the Jungle, I want to use it under-water, I want to use it on a boat, I want to use it in my toilet, I want to use it everywhere IN MALAYSIA. GET IT!!The problem with Maxis Broadband, it only covers limited spots which are covered in their website.

Problem 4: Slow internet connection

I can't help but say, its definitely not as good as Streamyx. From the use of this Maxis Wireless Broadband, I still think it has a long way to go to match the wired braodband internet connection from streamyx.

Let me put it this way, if streamyx was the ugly hippo, fat and pretty slow already

Maxis Wireless Broadband is the tortoise.

Get the picture?

Problem 5: Unable to download through P2P during the day

After 9 months of owning this modem, I can clearly say, It doesn't help one bit for people like me whom I would really regard myself a multi-tasker. I use the internet not only to find information, I use the internet to download my videos and music as well through P2P.

It does not help one bit at all that I can only start downloading through P2P from 12 midnight till 8 or 9 in the morning. It really does not help at all!! What more, I can't even trust to leave my computer on the whole night with unstable internet access that could disconnect me anytime.

Problem 6: Problem for apartment usage.

Now blame us if we're not rich! If you stay high up in an apartment, you are unable to use the Maxis Wireless Broadband.

Let's say, if you stay on the 10th Floor of an apartment which should be pretty high already, you can't use this Maxis Wireless Broadband. I mean come on!!You're wireless!! You should even be covering up the skies god dammit!!So for those of you apartment dwellers, it is very important to know how high you stay before even thinking of getting this Maxis Wireless broadband.

Problem 7: Paying for a phone that I do not use at all.

I can't help but say this. I did not have the time and I could not return their phone that they loaned to me for free for the first 6 months.

I am now paying RM15 dollars extra to owning this phone at the moment. Sigh!At least inform me whether I'd like to continue using it isn't it, not just send me the bill?? I was not aware of its 6 months period when it came. I forgot!I was busy!I have an inclination to forget things!

To conclude things, I am not really happy using this modem even at this moment. But I don't really know whats a better replacement because I prefer a wireless modem as compared to a wired one that requires phone line which I don't need.

Some people say the Celcom Wireless Broadband is good, sigh I don't know but I know one things for sure at the moment,

I am breaking-off with my Maxis Wireless Broadband in November unless you can talk me out of it.

sigh..messy messy..


BLue said...

wow it sounds like you had a messy relationship with this wireless broadband. Good luck on your next broadband hunt ;p

Joo Hui said...

kakakakakka.... You're not alone, If you do read chinese, read my maxis post:

Mr GiN said...

blue: hahaha...a real messy one I tell you!

joo hui:i guess there are many more out there aeh!lol..nice blog u have there.