Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest

Now blogging this past few days has been so much fun. There is just so many prizes up for grabs and gosh I think i've never been any more hardworking than any time throughout the year in updating my blog.

So, here's for this contest.

Its been a long time ever since I joined the Real Rewards membership which I joined through its Realmart website,

i've been swapping my card at just about every place that accepts for the collection of Real Rewards (RR) points. With most times at Petronas Petrol Stations. That's the reason why I frequently go to Petronas and not any other station.

I've been collecting so many points that the only thing I cannot remember is redeeming anything from them.

Not even ONE gift!

Not even a small leather bag from RealMART to keep my precious realrewards card!


That's because until today I have not collected enough points for the things that I want most which would take me about 50 years to collect enough RR points which by then,

I wouldn't have lived long enough to redeem anything from it leaving my RR points in my account in the system for all eternity never to be redeemed again!

Now, coming back to this contest, I noticed after reading 203 blogs who joined this contest,

that's right guys!203 NUFFNANGER BLOGGERS!!

203 Nuffnangers who all have one thing in common. Do you want to know what that is???

NOBODY GOD DAMN GAVE ME A PRESENT!!NOT EVEN ONE BLOGGER!! That truely show's how popular i am..sad case...

If that was bad enough, even my dear friend of 24 years of friendship did not even bother to give me a present through this simple giveaway contest!! With one present to giveaway now, who could I possibly give it to??

Now if you have continued reading from the start, giving a present away and choosing someone is a very difficult decision for me. Especially for someone who is up to saving enough Real Rewards Points for 50 years to redeem it for himself the things he loved most.

But I have thought about it clearly over the weeks and with only 2 more hours to the deadline for this contest, I have made up my mind to whom I should give my gift.

If there was anything, it cannot go wrong after knowing a person for such a very long time.

He is none other than Timothy Tiah.

Now that we've grown so big with you already being a fast and successful businessmen ahead of all our time, I think its about time we took our friendship to the next level.

I'm giving you this!A CEO Toy that I found in Realmart website.

Its time we play Tic Tac Toe the Men's way. The Royal Selangor Pewter Way. I could always remember the days gwhen we played it on paper but I guess we've passed that.

I hope I have made the right choice. Why do I still feel one sided in this trade-off. Why is this poor person giving the boss something so expensive? Shouldn't it be the other way around??

DAMMIT!!Where's my gift??I WANT IT NOW!!!


Soon Seng said...

Haha.. cool post.. How's the Bluetooth Player?

Mr GiN said...

hey there!going to link you man!umm...its not bad..i don't normally hear music everywhere i go..will blog about it!