Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All- Time

32" LCD TV from SAMSUNG,

Digital Still Camera NV24HD,

and Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-S5


Now I would have chosen Counter-Strike

as one of my favourite games out there but i'm not going to because back in the old days, it made me fail my education in high school life leaving me a mark on my forehead unacademic for years,

destroyed part of my lungs due to inhalation of smoke after spending all my time playing my favourite Computer game Counter-Strike at smokey cyber-cafes which would definitely leave me lung cancer in the future..

broken ear drums

destroyed relationships

bankruptcy over too many hours at cyber-cafe's

and last but not least, wearing glasses for the rest of my life for looking too long at bad display screens that I could have prevented if there was a Samsung Screen around back then!

Do you see where the 32" got to come in?? you see it!!YOU SEE IT!!

Hearing all that, my real Favourite Computer game of all time is....

you're ready??



Don't tell me you don't know this game!!Here's a small introduction for you all to see..

This is the game i used to play all the time when I was in primary school. It was better than counter-strike anytime. A player would have so many weapons to choose from. We got all the time in the world to wipe off our opponents. Think who to kill before you shoot and enjoy the cute voices coming out from the worms which softens everything out and you'd go

SORRY!!in the cutest way..

There are times when your friends would go, don't kill me yet...test the other weapons first.

Then you'd also do things like this, you know why not create a massacre which was fun to do back then!

I could always remember the cute sounds of hurting those worms.

Aim and FIRE!!! and if they had nothing to stand on, it's pretty much suicide!

I kept on playing Worms even during exams until the results came and the truth became known between me and my parents.

The next thing I know, I was shown no mercy.

All i could do was imagining myself in Worms going Ouch!Ouch!!Ouch!!

Worms is definitely my favourite Game of all time even when it made me fail primary school!At least it did not bodily harm me in anyway unlike Counter-Strike.


stock investment said...

very cool.

joshuatly said...

got one time i cant sleep without worm...
remember that time i play... worms world party!
Addicted completely!
But i stop playing after i played the worm 3d, kinda of boring after playing for so long ady!

Mr GiN said...

haha...true!but it was a nice game!

Dan Mega said...

CS? Worms?

Im more of a day of defeat and scorched earth guy, ha

e s t a n c u s said...

heys Gin, maRCus here. wa.. now oni got to read ur post. haha. damn cute wei. ouch! ouch! ouch!

a winning post! =P

ps/ since u won a super duper cool mp4 player ady, gv me chance for the 32"k? lol cya

Mr GiN said...

dan mega: haha!oh well..i'm more or less the same

Estancus: hey marcus!haha....looking at your post you'll definitely win me over for it so don't worry!