Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Experience in the World Cyber Games

Just awhile ago, I was shocked to find that my blog (that has remained unknown for the longest time I could ever remember) has just received a huge phenomenal hike in visits.

Its so incredibly huge that if celebrity bloggers like Ringo

and Cindy

were not able to attend the Nuffnang Sharing session at Italiannies this coming Sunday,

they knew they could count on me to share my recent blogging "experience" of celebrity-like. That is if good looks, boobs, and hot legs were not part of the requirement.

If there was any benefit of inviting me as Guest Blogger, I could share with you my experience at a Mamak Stall over some Roti rather than over Cabonara

which could ruin your night out with Ringo and Cindy if not eaten properly.

I mean "ewwww". You know how difficult sometimes it can get to eat infront of hot girls and talk at the same time what more with the uncertainty of forking out the spaghetti noodles out from the plate the right way hoping that they would not notice how "Chinapek" you really are..I think you get what I mean.

While all that's not ever going to happen, looks like i'm going to share with you my recent experience last Saturday on my blog while i'm experiencing this unusual rain of visits. At least don't go until you read this post. I BEG YOU!!I BEG YOU!!

Last Saturday, while our National Hero Lee Chong Wei was on his last step to winning Malaysia's first badminton Gold Medal in Olympics 2008 in China,

Back in Kuala Lumpur Mid-Valley Megamall Exhibition Center, there was a whole different game going on.

It was the World Cyber Games 2008.

(Picture from Timothy)

The Olympics of computer games that is filled with world class gamers coming from all over the world whom at least experienced lots of scolding and attempts of disownment by their parents if not disowned as well.

I was there to see and experience what was happening at the World Cyber Games and of course to also see whether I could fit a 32" LVD TV from Samsung on my empty table at the end of the day.

If there was any real good reason why I should experience all the things I did in my previous post before I left for Mid-Valley, I wanted to make sure that I got the 32" TV for my mother to let her know that all those years of sitting infront of the computer did not go to waste. For all those years that I was playing Worms and CS that has destroyed part of my life, at least I hope I would be able to show her that those years of playing games was not for nothing.

But I guess since games is out for me(retired), thanks to Samsung and Nuffnang, I've got to blog my way for it.

I hope this saddening but pretty true story would help me win this 32" LCD. I can't help but think that nobody out there needs it more than I do.

So, coming back to the World Cyber Games, I was there to see through to the finals of a mini-CS competition held at one of the Samsung Booth

where 8 Nuffnang blogger teams (Nuffnang team included) with a requirement of at least ONE female player in each team will compete with each other.

The finals was between the Nuffnang Team (Wahh not bad aeh, must have practiced it at work!!), and Ben Chan team.

I don't know about you, but I thought that the odds of winning was far greater at the Nuffnang Team side with 9 wins and 1 more to go. Thinking it was more exiciting to watch the winning side to see how they whipped the asses of their opponent, I saw otherwise.

They lost to a score of 10-0, and 10-1. If you tell me the opponent did not study Counter-Strike back in high school, please CORRECT ME NOW!!

Now there were other things going on there besides the mini-CS Competition.

The World Cyber Games competition was being held here.

This is where the BIG BOYS play!!BOYS who are serious in showing their parents that playing games all their lives was not for NOTHING!!Nuff said...I mean hey...WORLD COMPETITION YOU KNOW!!!

If there was anything, these are the guys who bring their own keyboard, mouse, and earphones.

So, leaving them aside, let me show you what else was happening there.

Here's something impressive. There was a PC on display running 6 19" Samsung Screens smoothly altogether.

Its so powerful here let me show you this...


Then there was also F1 racing competition through a computer game for those who lets face it, there are not many things we can experience in this one lifetime.

There was also a Guitar Competition for people who umm...can't play the REAL guitar in real life.

And when you thought the rest of us who were not doing anything like playing games were bored, you were wrong.

we were entertained with music by a band that were almost as good as Avril Lavigne.

She was really good!

As the clock strikes 4pm, it was time for the prize-giving ceremony for the best blog entries of "My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time".

I won for Samsung's favourite post which gives me a Blueteeth MP3 Player YP-S5. Blogger Soo Chooi Leang won most creative entry that gives him a Samsung Camera.

and when it came to Timothy Tiah, who won not just Funny, but most FUNNIEST ENTRY which gives him the 32" LCD TV FROM SAMSUNG.


The emcee was like saying: -

Let me show you how big 32" LCD TV is.

Anyway, the 32" LCD TV is now up for grabs again and gosh, maybe you know, Its FATE really. The TV really wants to be with the person who needs it!!You know who right??RIGHT??

Staring at the TV for awhile, I can tell, he would have loved to have that TV. Must have sucked being Timothy for a day!

Well after Tea, Timothy decided that those who'd like the TV should post pictures of themselves together with Samsung Girls and blog about it. The best entry would win of course.

What do you think we did??

Soon, the Samsung Girls with Blue Hair

were as popular as the Spice Girls.

Everyone went back to the exhibition center and was taking pictures with them like crazy.

I tried a James Bond post though. What a failure!


oh right...its not just any game, Its WORLD CYBER GAMES!!


Falcon said...

good post.. i like the part you wrote that you could do a sharing sessions over a plate of roti...lol

Falcon said...

good post.. i like the part you wrote that you could do a sharing sessions over a plate of roti...lol

Mr GiN said...

falcon: haha!!thanks man..just for the fun of it..