Friday, August 01, 2008

Movie Hopping at the Cinema

Just awhile ago, I went to the cinema doing something that is totally out of the norm.

Some might think that only a guy overdosed with Gin would do a thing like that, but really, being Gin myself, I did it.

If there was anything awkward, embarassing, foolish, and weird that I have ever done in my entire life, this event where I went to the cinema to watch a movie was going to be it.

Before I explain what monkey act I did at the cinema, I am going to tell you that I was really not up for the movie Sex and the City.

Don't ask me why or even tell me how good it is?Its just not my type of movie and the last thing I want to do is watch it. At least in the cinema! Got to miss whatever they're doing there though.

So, with that in mind, i'll continue with my weird act. Upon arriving at the cinema with the agreed plan to watch The Mummy- Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,

things did not go the way it seem. My friend could not get any good seats to watch the mummy unless we'd seat at the front row of the cinema which is pretty much the same as watching a movie at home close to your tv screen

As a replacement, being nice of him, he quickly bought tickets to Sex and the City instead.

That's right guys! SEX AND THE CITY!!

Normally, I would have gone ahead and watch anything but tonight, its not that I wanted to be difficult or anything but I just had to watch the Mummy!!NOTHING MORE!!

Guess what I did then. I left my friends(terrible act) and entered into a different hall that was playing the mummy.(If I couldn't get any seats, I was going to return back to watching sex and the city.)

That's right guys!I actually umm.....sneaked into a different cinema hall. Obviously Alone!!Who the hell would join me on such a thing?

With no seats booked, first day release of the movie, fully sold out tickets, and no intention to seat close to the screen, I was really innnn for a difficult situation.

Like a scavenger for food in the wild, I manage to get a seat which was very nice. Way back of the cinema. Not until two guys came up and embarassingly, I moved on to searching for another seat.

Gosh!!This cinema is really full! It was really difficult to move around looking for a seat especially in the dark.

Then I went to another spot which had a row of 4 seats not taken with a couple who already sat there on the same row of 6.

I don't have much of a choice left isn't it unless i'd like to seat on the floor.

Not thinking whether the rest of some group of four would show up, which would have definitely burned off what's left of my thick skin,

I sat there looking out once awhile if any group of four people would suddenly appear.

Soon, things finally got relaxed for me. I mean who in the right mind would miss half of a movie and watch the end of it. But still.....

In the end, I had 4 empty seats by myself to watch the whole movie. Good seats which was situated by the middle side of the cinema.

I can't believe what really happened. I don't think I want to do it again. But if you ask me, how adventurous can one person be in the cinema, I thought this was really something out of the extraordinary. Sadly, I wished I could have done it on a different occasion without ditching my friends aside. Sorry guys about that but somehow, I would have enjoyed a little of this madness if we were together on this. I cannot but wonder a girl who would join me doing what I did tonight. No wonder i'm single!

As for the movie, I feel it was just like one of those common chinese dragon movie with men that have super powers with a few english actors in it.

But still, It was good!

Rating: 6/10 (quite good!lets just say, i might play it one more time on dvd)

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