Monday, August 11, 2008

Hou Mei Yuen - The famous Pan Mee in Penang

Now I would love to tell you alot of things that has been happening but right now, the easiest way I could start things off would be a simple post.

And that would be food!

I've never done food!

I mean how difficult can it be to write a post on food!!

Anyway, last week, while being in the area of Bukit Jambul before heading to the Airport, I decided that I should have a meal before flying off to Singapore where I would be slaughtered of having to pay double the price for every meal to feed off the forever starving stomach.

And one of the things I love to go whenever I'm around that area would be to visit this shop. Its so good I would even drive from one end of the island to the other just to come and eat at this shop.

I would even bring girls here for a date because of its fine serenity that not even the most expensive and finest dining area here could provide for such a cheap price. If I had to lose a date over this meal, you'd know the answer to that.

This shop is none other than Hou Mei Yuen. (Trust me, I wouldn't have known this shop's name if it wasn't to umm write this post?)

It is situated near Kompleks Bukit Jambul

at some nearby low-cost flats that has trees

that provide enough shade for car enthusiasts for nearby college kids from Inti Penang to show off their cars without their paint work being burned off by the scorching sun.

Anyway this shop only sells one thing from early morning till afternoon.

DELICIOUS Pan Mee that comes with a variety of noodles either thin or small. Somehow I just love the fat noodles such as this.

that comes together with a bowl of soup with exact amounts of fish ball and small pieces of leaves,

and of course a very famous drink that's pretty good as well.Not tongkat ali la!!

Its so good and also cheap and was lucky that I had that before I left for Singapore because the next day,

I had a wonderful Famous Tiong Shian Claypot Frog Porridge.

Eating frogs supposedly ummm...hell with that!!

The only thing that I could think off while eating frogs was the good time I had eating wan tan mee at Hou Mei Yuen before I left.



Vic said...

Hey gin, that noodles u had at Hou Mei Yuen is called 'PAN MEE' and NOT Wan Tan Mee...LOL!!....I love that place so much man!!...the noodles are so yummy but it comes in such small portions that I always gotta emphasize on ordering the XL size :P

Mr GiN said...

ooops...i'll change it to Pan Mee later..haha...yeah...I wonder who eats the smaller sized one.

cynzlim said...

it is pan meee mr gin... u are making me hungry!!!!
love the pan mee there, especially the sambal!!

Mr GiN said...

yes yes..i got it cyn!haha its pan mee!!how many of you out there is going to correct me?haha!will change it later..

AhPau said...

i'm gonna correct you's dry PAN MEE!!! hahaha. too busy ya still never changed it yet. yes i agree the sambal is the best there. y didn't you write about it!! LOL

Mr GiN said...

ahpau: hahaha..okok i'm going to do it right now at 3 in the morning!!haha..ummm...gosh I never take the sambal..guess i can't be a food writer!lol..