Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fated or not Fated to Win WCG Blog Contest

With such low response to my recent post on my favourite game of all time, I doubt I'll be bringing anything back.

I expect nothing less than a bag of tissue paper that say's "SAMSUNG" on it and still..

Not even that will be given to me to wipe my tears of defeat.

But then again, Why do I always believe in the slightest amount of hope that I'll actually do win something back when the chances is already so SLIM??

WHY?I mean...

I would drive all the way to Mid Valley when I have nothing to do there.

Pay a huge amount on toll, Pay lots on Fuel.

Watch people play CS for the longest time of my life (i guess i will understand what girls find it so nice to watch their boyfriend play CS in cybercafe's)

Wait till 4pm for a prize presentation

and then just to hear somebody else win it and then whatmore having to pay for car park again on the way out.

But still!!!

I happen to believe in that slightest of hope that i'm going to win something back. I just love this fated part. I guess we will all know tomorrow.

Either my empty table would either be filled with a 32" LCD Screen, or it will continue to be umm empty?

I've got a feeling, i'm just going to go back empty handed



stock newsletter said...
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penny stock news said...

very nice! hahahahaha

Spectre said...

Haiya u r lucky than me, I'm staying at Ipoh just receive from ROB yesterday 9pm friday that we need to there at 4pm to check whether we win or not. So much for joining?

Mr GiN said...

spectre: gosh dat sux!...I hope you made it!