Friday, July 25, 2008

When you just know the environment is not right for you

Ok guys some of you might wonder to what extent would some metrosexual men (urban-living man) do when they are up in a junglely hill and you could just tell that it is time to go and end the day up there as soon as possible and go back to where they are more comfortable with.

First they take pictures of dogs. (I guess that's ok, i mean you've not done that for a long time isn't it?)

Then they take pictures of bamboo trees

Then dead trees

Flowers that grow wild brought upon by mother nature.

Trying to get a good shot of Spiders from the wall.

Another shot

Another another shot!

and when you just thought that he was on a documentary trail of his life and he was having a good time of his life with unforgettable memories that he will cherish forever,

Flies were also taken


note: Pictures were taken with Canon Ixus 960IS.

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