Saturday, July 26, 2008

Snorkeling at Phi Phi Island

Just awhile ago, I received some photos from a friend from my trip to Phi Phi Island. Photo's that were taken by a camera that required to be processed the old fashion way.

With all the hardwork being put into getting the photo's developed(that needed money) scanned (that needed effort) into a computer, and uploading the scanned photos into a picasa site, HOW CAN I POSSIBLY NOT SHARE IT WITH YOU GUYS!!

okay okay!!I know!! Although I did agree that my previous post was going to be the last post of my trip but I really have no choice since I don't travel alot, not at least for the next few months. What can I say!Travelling costs money and if that wasn't the only problem faced, time would be another factor for over-used workers like me.

With that, one of the things that I did over there was going to the beach where the movie "The beach" was filmed.

Now going to the beach is not cheap. You'd have to pay 200 baht which is RM20 to enter the sea by boat to "the beach".

Well of course for poor people like me who are on a budget trip, we decided to enter the beach on an alternative route which you don't have to pay but just go through terrains such as sharp rocks and jungle tracking. (pictures were not taken on this small journey)

Anyway, so there we were.

The famous beach, a must place to go for hot babes to take pictures!Even if you think you're not hot, the scenary of the place will make you so. Weird isn't it?

Moving on, going to "the beach" was just an experience. However, snorkeling was not appropriate there because the waters' too shallow and pretty much nothing to see unless u'd like to see dead corals. So we pretty much headed back to the opposite site of the island and started snorkeling again.

Now you'd probably be wondering by now, why the hell did we bring an old fashion camera. Well, an underwater camera was bought just to take pictures of us snorkeling. Pictures of us underwater which somehow look like we were in some big giant aquarium.hmmm...

So, here's one professional shot.

Some had trouble staying under the water. That's what happens when you're taught to only stay afloat.

Then came my turn. I don't look too happy ain't it and Leon(right) could actually post a peace sign and smile??

What a poser!!!ummm maybe shark behind you?RUN!!RUN!wait a minute...SWIM SWIM!!


Dann said...

sigh... i dont know how to swim. guess that's filtered out half of the excitement if i travel to the beach. nice photos btw. =)

GiN said...

what u mean u don't know how to swim?Wat about JErejak remember?ohh u were standing around?hehe..thanx man!