Friday, July 18, 2008

My Trip to Krabi and Phi Phi Island on a Budget Holiday

Hmm...I am starting to think that my posts regarding my holiday a few weeks ago is starting to bore not just you but myself as well.

But I have no choice to finish what I have already started off.

So here's the last and Malaysia's book of records longest blog post which should pretty much summarize my entire trip with a group of friends to Krabi which we later went to Phi Phi Island.

Now just to let you all know, my budget holiday here only costs me RM420. Well actually RM 700 if you'd include all the buying of food and drinks to keep ourselves alive. So.....

OK are you ready guys!!


No you're not ready!!


Nar just joking with you! I am just going to pick up some of the most memorable things i did there. Couldn possibly cover everything with all the camwhoring sessions going on. Would take me the next few weeks or months to cover my entire trip.

Might as well call this blog Gin's Budget Holiday to Krabi!!

Anyway here's some of the memorable things i'll always remember.

We went to Le Cave on the first day which you'd have to travel by a sampan.

Gosh I thought this was a good shot for my friend yonglin. Good aeh my camera!! Canon 960IS!!!

One of the nicest things u'd have to do while entering the cave is to lie on your back on that boat because we'd really have no choice unless you don't want to come back from that cave.

Nothing much better to do under the cave.

Under the cave

Under an elephant for lots of good luck! I wonder why do i get duped for hearing such a thing!

Here's something i'd like you to guess. Try guessing what it is ok! I tell you the tour guides over there really can come up with stuff!

Moving on, there was the elephant ride. I guess there are not many times I will be able to do this. One hell of a good experience. This elephant ride was fun!!! It was a 30 minutes ride around a rubber plantation.

We also took a modern tut tut for 300baht around Krabi. Oh i mean, Tuk Tuk!

Arrived to Phi Phi Island by Ferry

Quickly went off to another island by boat for Snorkeling.

Snorkeling like crazy! Look how clear the water is!!

Walking in clear water. No idea what the hell are we doing!!Camwhoring has gone overboard!!

Trying to do the u know...the jumping trick that look so cool on the beach..obviously we failed!!lol...

Walking from one island across to another

All in all dats more or less what we did there. Sorry if i missed out on alot of things but heyyy that's only for us who went together to remember isn't it! That's all guys, really enjoyed the holiday trip!

Note: Thanks to all of you who shared all the camwhore photos which i gladfully posted up here.


Boss Stewie said...

Aiseh u and leon so hemsem in your sunglasses!

AhPau said...

wow very short and compact post. i wonder when mine's coming up...if ever..hahaha!

p/s: y u all like to post up that picture of me one? so ugly :(

GiN said...

boss stewie:ummm....thanks?lol..

ahpau: yeah..u can do the long one..hehe..ok wat the photo..quite a nice shot!

Dolanmin said...

I'm going there soon but I have no idea where to stay yet. Mind telling me where did you stay in Krabi and Phi Phi island?