Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My lunch in Thailand on a Budget Holiday

Ok, so obviously by now you should know that I did not get out of the van in Penang when i had the choice.

I got down at Thailand.

Thailand border to be exact where we rested our bottoms and of course get our passports stamped.

Now its not surprising that after a 6 hour "comfortable" ride in the van, people got hungry. We needed to stop for lunch.

Ok guys here's the thing. I don't know about you or other budget holiday travellers out there. But in my group of budget travellers,

we Chinese really do know how to save money. Places where you can save throughout the trip such as meals, YOU SAVE!!

Guess what we had for lunch!!

We had ANTS with larvae and stuff cooked with Special Thai Chili Sauce

that's right guys, Ants

and we had Grasshopper Mash served with vege's.

that's right guys, Grasshoppers

If there was a time when a guy would have to show how manly he were to the ladies, this was the time.

He would be the first one to eat it and say hey, it's DELICIOUS and start putting it all over his plate.

What a dumbass!!If it was delicious, people all over the world wouldn even be experiencing starvation isn't it!!

Note: I just noticed its taking me a long time to cover my entire trip. Will try to finish it up in the next few days. Kind of late now to write further. Shall end with my "delicious" luncheon outing.


AhPau said... didn't even touch those 2 dishes!!

GiN said...

ahpau: ummm....was there green curry with umm pigeon meat?