Saturday, July 26, 2008

Snorkeling at Phi Phi Island

Just awhile ago, I received some photos from a friend from my trip to Phi Phi Island. Photo's that were taken by a camera that required to be processed the old fashion way.

With all the hardwork being put into getting the photo's developed(that needed money) scanned (that needed effort) into a computer, and uploading the scanned photos into a picasa site, HOW CAN I POSSIBLY NOT SHARE IT WITH YOU GUYS!!

okay okay!!I know!! Although I did agree that my previous post was going to be the last post of my trip but I really have no choice since I don't travel alot, not at least for the next few months. What can I say!Travelling costs money and if that wasn't the only problem faced, time would be another factor for over-used workers like me.

With that, one of the things that I did over there was going to the beach where the movie "The beach" was filmed.

Now going to the beach is not cheap. You'd have to pay 200 baht which is RM20 to enter the sea by boat to "the beach".

Well of course for poor people like me who are on a budget trip, we decided to enter the beach on an alternative route which you don't have to pay but just go through terrains such as sharp rocks and jungle tracking. (pictures were not taken on this small journey)

Anyway, so there we were.

The famous beach, a must place to go for hot babes to take pictures!Even if you think you're not hot, the scenary of the place will make you so. Weird isn't it?

Moving on, going to "the beach" was just an experience. However, snorkeling was not appropriate there because the waters' too shallow and pretty much nothing to see unless u'd like to see dead corals. So we pretty much headed back to the opposite site of the island and started snorkeling again.

Now you'd probably be wondering by now, why the hell did we bring an old fashion camera. Well, an underwater camera was bought just to take pictures of us snorkeling. Pictures of us underwater which somehow look like we were in some big giant aquarium.hmmm...

So, here's one professional shot.

Some had trouble staying under the water. That's what happens when you're taught to only stay afloat.

Then came my turn. I don't look too happy ain't it and Leon(right) could actually post a peace sign and smile??

What a poser!!!ummm maybe shark behind you?RUN!!RUN!wait a minute...SWIM SWIM!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

When you just know the environment is not right for you

Ok guys some of you might wonder to what extent would some metrosexual men (urban-living man) do when they are up in a junglely hill and you could just tell that it is time to go and end the day up there as soon as possible and go back to where they are more comfortable with.

First they take pictures of dogs. (I guess that's ok, i mean you've not done that for a long time isn't it?)

Then they take pictures of bamboo trees

Then dead trees

Flowers that grow wild brought upon by mother nature.

Trying to get a good shot of Spiders from the wall.

Another shot

Another another shot!

and when you just thought that he was on a documentary trail of his life and he was having a good time of his life with unforgettable memories that he will cherish forever,

Flies were also taken


note: Pictures were taken with Canon Ixus 960IS.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Trip to Krabi and Phi Phi Island on a Budget Holiday

Hmm...I am starting to think that my posts regarding my holiday a few weeks ago is starting to bore not just you but myself as well.

But I have no choice to finish what I have already started off.

So here's the last and Malaysia's book of records longest blog post which should pretty much summarize my entire trip with a group of friends to Krabi which we later went to Phi Phi Island.

Now just to let you all know, my budget holiday here only costs me RM420. Well actually RM 700 if you'd include all the buying of food and drinks to keep ourselves alive. So.....

OK are you ready guys!!


No you're not ready!!


Nar just joking with you! I am just going to pick up some of the most memorable things i did there. Couldn possibly cover everything with all the camwhoring sessions going on. Would take me the next few weeks or months to cover my entire trip.

Might as well call this blog Gin's Budget Holiday to Krabi!!

Anyway here's some of the memorable things i'll always remember.

We went to Le Cave on the first day which you'd have to travel by a sampan.

Gosh I thought this was a good shot for my friend yonglin. Good aeh my camera!! Canon 960IS!!!

One of the nicest things u'd have to do while entering the cave is to lie on your back on that boat because we'd really have no choice unless you don't want to come back from that cave.

Nothing much better to do under the cave.

Under the cave

Under an elephant for lots of good luck! I wonder why do i get duped for hearing such a thing!

Here's something i'd like you to guess. Try guessing what it is ok! I tell you the tour guides over there really can come up with stuff!

Moving on, there was the elephant ride. I guess there are not many times I will be able to do this. One hell of a good experience. This elephant ride was fun!!! It was a 30 minutes ride around a rubber plantation.

We also took a modern tut tut for 300baht around Krabi. Oh i mean, Tuk Tuk!

Arrived to Phi Phi Island by Ferry

Quickly went off to another island by boat for Snorkeling.

Snorkeling like crazy! Look how clear the water is!!

Walking in clear water. No idea what the hell are we doing!!Camwhoring has gone overboard!!

Trying to do the u know...the jumping trick that look so cool on the beach..obviously we failed!!lol...

Walking from one island across to another

All in all dats more or less what we did there. Sorry if i missed out on alot of things but heyyy that's only for us who went together to remember isn't it! That's all guys, really enjoyed the holiday trip!

Note: Thanks to all of you who shared all the camwhore photos which i gladfully posted up here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My lunch in Thailand on a Budget Holiday

Ok, so obviously by now you should know that I did not get out of the van in Penang when i had the choice.

I got down at Thailand.

Thailand border to be exact where we rested our bottoms and of course get our passports stamped.

Now its not surprising that after a 6 hour "comfortable" ride in the van, people got hungry. We needed to stop for lunch.

Ok guys here's the thing. I don't know about you or other budget holiday travellers out there. But in my group of budget travellers,

we Chinese really do know how to save money. Places where you can save throughout the trip such as meals, YOU SAVE!!

Guess what we had for lunch!!

We had ANTS with larvae and stuff cooked with Special Thai Chili Sauce

that's right guys, Ants

and we had Grasshopper Mash served with vege's.

that's right guys, Grasshoppers

If there was a time when a guy would have to show how manly he were to the ladies, this was the time.

He would be the first one to eat it and say hey, it's DELICIOUS and start putting it all over his plate.

What a dumbass!!If it was delicious, people all over the world wouldn even be experiencing starvation isn't it!!

Note: I just noticed its taking me a long time to cover my entire trip. Will try to finish it up in the next few days. Kind of late now to write further. Shall end with my "delicious" luncheon outing.