Saturday, June 21, 2008

This is Live At Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging Party

If you're wondering whether I actually managed to roar my way to Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging Party since my recent post after being sucked dry by Mosquitoes the size of your hand,

believe me if you felt the same way as that guy, it was real back in the Jungle!

contracted a Virus(not too bad at least I was still alive)

Sleepless nights

Psychological effects of never going to the jungle again,

Destroyed Suzuki Vitara after going through the jungle,

and Singlehood since my gf left me for going to the jungle for doing something stupid rather than spending time with her in a shopping mall carrying her handbag,


If there was anything that I wouldn miss in this world, it would be this Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging Party that I've worked too hard for it and lost too much!!

And guess what, here I am. (Obviously, they would only admit one person a post into this party since they would expect that alot of people would be single after their escapade going through jungles like me)


(No problem in making live posts with Maxis Wireless Broadband. I mean looks at this!!)

Now the party was held at Modestos/Rain, Desa Sri Hartamas.

Unlike the jungle where you have no specific direction to go to find Animals, Nuffnang has been able to provide a map to the place.

Now you must be wondering since my car was destroyed, how the hell could I possibly come to this animal gathering from as far as Penang!

well behold, MY Pajero!!(just parked it at the Modestos Car Park)

If anybody, I mean ANYBODY who is going to snatch away my PSP, please i mean please, if you do see a huge Pajero behind the ass of your car or for you that matter, YOU BETTER HAND THAT PSP OVER TO HIM!!! (His not going to go back empty handed after going through all the torture his gone through to get him here) Getting out of the car park is not going to be that easy for you!!

Ok back to LIVE with the Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging Party!

So if you're wondering whether the animals from Madagascar

and Kungu Panda would meet, they were all here!!

I mean gosh!! If there was any jungle with animals i would go to, this was definitely the place!!


Lots of Chicks (Gosh i was true isn't it about my narrow mindedness in my previous post)

Had to take with the chicks!!

Famous Blogger Celebrities were everywhere, it felt like I was in the MTV Movie Awards!!

Ok that's klubbkidd that differenciates himself from the other gorillas by the piercing of this tongue

That is Suet Li

Boss Stewie and Cheesie

The Only Elephant

A picture with Ringo

The rest of the girls over there

Then if you're wondering that there was just one gorilla in this party, there were 4 gorillas!!Crazy Fellars!!

All in all, if you have watched Lion King 1 and 2.

THIS GATHERING IS LION KING 3!!!I am really having a good time now. Being served Beer and well Ais Limau. In the next 2 hours, they will be handing out prizes (PSP) for the best "Live" Post. Please guys! I am really worth considering if you feel the pain that i've gone through just to come and enjoy with you guys.

Oh yeah if you're wondering how I came, I came as Batman.

Yeah i know I am a party pooper.


AhPau said...

Hey you're not even dressed up! U just stuck a batman logo onto your black shirt. Cheating one...hahah

Well hope you had a great time....and oh yah, win the PSP too =P

Yatz said...

hey dude..remember to ask for the URLs of the 4 hot chicks

klubbkidd said...

hey dude! i'm the only gorilla who came dressed/only gorilla with a tongue piercing. LOL!
curik your pic ah for my blog. i link you. thanks mate!

Leon said...

I want to be the first to see your psp.

cheez said...

oh so ur the batman dude. cool.
i think you already know the results about the PSP right..
but your post's pretty interesting as well.


GiN said...

ah pau:hehe!!never liked to dress up for anything..well i had a great time...

yatz: ok i guess by the time i read your message, i think its a little too late

klubb kid: ok sure!!

leon: ummm bad news man..

cheez: yeah dat was me. yeah i know the results already. damn it!!hehe..thanx dude!

Ping Ping said...

i saw u at the event..I was the hunter..

GiN said...

ping ping: yeah i definitely saw you there!

Wingz said...

no wonder i kenot get chicks at the party la! with hansem guy like u around i kenot cari makan liow! lol

GiN said...

sure or not!!i think satu arnab also don't have!lol..

Wingz said...

eh manyak soli left u out ... your piktures tarak watermark ler dats why i also derno where i got it from lol! later i go add your link wokeh? dun sue me wei!!!!

GiN said...

wingz: haha no worries at all man!