Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Header with centralized problem


Its about time I have a new header. I've been staying up quite awhile adjusting my header playing around with HTML (something that i should be very well versed) and I noticed that I have not been able to put the picture into the middle. (I'm pretty sure you notice it right).

*Gosh!!Tell me about it for someone who graduated from IT!!* Sad case really!!

Well can somebody out there help me on this?I need to catch up on my sleep right now to ummm for work tomorrow? For your information, if you're wondering who doesn't make money out from blogs, I am one of them.

Anyway, back to my new header.

What do you think?OKAY I KNOW!!I definitely did not put much effort into my new header!!


But what do you expect from a guy who create drawings like this a few weeks ago just to go for a party?

Now some of you must be wondering how did I come about this picture (header)?

Its 2am right now. How do you think I came about this picture!!


Dann said...

err, it looks a little out of place... try edit the html?

GiN said...

dann: hey dann!you're definitely the right man for the job!i really did what i can with the html part..maybe i'll spend some more time there again!not sure what's missing.

Dann said...

try to play around with the width? it might actually work. =)