Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How much toll do you have to pay from Penang to KL?

I have always wanted to write something that one day if you were to travel together down to KL from Penang by the highway, you could refer to www.mrgin.blogspot.com on how much toll

you'd all have to SHARE so that no one person would be burdened with the huge costs of transporting a bunch of blood sucking leaches.

This is of course not targeted to those who use the Mat Rempit way of transportation of traveling together gether. I feel if there was anything, they should not pay toll at all!!

This is also of course if your friend is not a rich kid who drives one of this down and the increase in petrol price would not affect him whatsoever

This is also of course if you know your blood sucking leaches would forget the good deed of your kind and generous transportation to KL and not being repaid back in a different way.

But what am i going to tell you also does not include if you're bringing girls down just for clubbing

and i'd wanna make sure that you are gentlemen (targeted to men) enough to bare this small miserable extra cost for the huge amount of fun.

Sorry man, had to take this from you tiam! *Cant wait till later to blog cause i'm free now.*

With that, if you always had the question of how much toll

do you have to pay from Penang to KL by car,

look no further because in this blog, you have the answer.

Its RM 43! That is Forty Three Ringgit!!(That is if you travel straight to Damansara and go shopping at One-Utama and the Curve and also to KL City itself)

Not anywhere else ok!!Anyhow, RM43 for TOLL will get you to KL from Penang without any problems. I hope it helps alot of people out there when it comes to sharing because i really don't want friends to kill one another over this small matter!


Falcon said...

I like your creativity..a simple post on the toll price with beautiful chicks..lol..You got our attention there..

GiN said...

haha!thanx man!