Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aquaria at KLCC

For many of us, going to KLCC is not just about shopping.

When i say us, I meant people like me who has been eating porridge ever since the increase in petrol price.

Anymore increase in petrol price, and I would be left to eating just bread.

and when i say bread, not the kind of bread you get at fancy restaurants in KLCC,

I meant bread like Gardenia that i've been eating since young.

So what is there to do in KLCC if you're not shopping and you're tired of standing by the railing from a distance like this seeing people shop??

Unknown to many, KLCC has something more to offer that no other malls in Malaysia has.

They have Aquaria. A big Aquarium that contains big fish.

Now the entrance to Aquaria is RM20 if you are a student in a University and RM28 if you're an adult and no longer studying. If I was going to cut-down on eating porridge for the next few months and starve, this new experience is something I am going to trade it with.

As you enter, things may seem strange for awhile.

Instead of seeing Fish yet, you are enlightened with some of their finest deadliest creatures from all corners of the earth from land.



and Little Crocs. Animals that you see in a typical kampung.

Then fish starts appearing,

and Lots of fish,

and Green Turtles and Hawks bill Turtles,

Then only came the interesting part, you go through a tunnel that has a moving walkway to transport you around it.

and you see sharks and other smaller fish swimming above you,

That's it!!

Then before you leave the place, there is a sharks jaw for you to show how you felt about the entire journey in the Aquaria,

I chose to jump into it. What do you think I felt about it??i'm soooo hungry!!


Cyren Z. Wong said...

Ola Nuffnanger

I love Aqaria KLCC!!!

But the last time I went was for hte opening and they didn't have much stuff yet. LIKE everything said "coming soon..." Looks awesome though!!!

acura said...

Been there once before & it was an awesome experience. photos of those giant Araipama fishes?

GiN said...

cyren: yeah I feel they should have more.

acura: they were hiding at the back of the tank, took too long so couldn really take a pic of them. but they were huge!