Saturday, May 31, 2008

Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

I have missed the recent pajama party!

and I have also missed the pirates party!!

Who in the right mind after seeing all those pictures that I would miss out on this next party which already leaves me guessing that somebody is just gonna come in this!!

Ok, blame it on my narrow mindedness because right now i've only got one thing on my mind which is to


Now I could have easily found a picture deeeeeeep inside Google by using my Maxis Wireless Broadband that i bought not too long ago,

but I felt that i'm not showing enough to come for this party by doing that!I want to make sure that my pictures are totally original and it really depicts a real wild life animal.

Just like how Leonardo Dicaprio did it for KAte Winslet.

The drawing would not have meant anything if it was not done the way it should be right??

So, a few hours ago, I decided to go alone deep into the jungle to find a wild life animal that I could easily copy out using my innate drawing skills.

Even If i had to sacrifice my white vitara car to go into the jungle all for this party, I would.

And I did!!

After spending hours in the jungle which seem rather clean compared to a more dense jungle,

I had this sudden urge to log on to the internet. If you're thinking logging into the internet was impossible in the jungle, think again!! Because Maxis Wireless Broadband can!

Now some of you must be wondering before why I had one of this humongous big modem

instead of one of the tiny ones that is being offered at the moment that would have been much better to give me the camouflage i require.

Well, because it had a humongously long antenna that gives a steady internet line to surf the internet from the jungle. Good thinking Maxis!!Surfing the internet in the jungle I did!

With so much time in the jungle, all i could do was wait for an animal to come out. Something i don't have to do if i get invited for the Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging Party!

Hours after hours, bitten by mosquito's after mosquito's that were using me like as if i was their petrol station,

risking myself to all kinds of viruses, I waited patiently for an animal to come out.

It felt that even if i was invited for the party, I would not live long enough to attend it.

With that, an animal soon did come out. I decided that the whole titanic sketching thing did not work out for me because the difference between Leonardo and me was that my animal was not going to stand around for me to draw it out.

Quickly, I was not going to let anything stop me from going to the Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging party, I was equipped with my Adobe Photoshop that i specifically bought just to draw the perfect animal for this party.

With that, I hope with all my courage and determination and my great roaring desire to come for this Nuffnang Party, I now present you my animal.

I know my adobe skills sucks but after all i've gone through, Pleasseeeee don't let me down by not inviting me. Please dont!!


Falcon said...

Kudos Bro the best post so far!!!!!!!!

Ray said...

haha .... eh not bad la i doubt i could do anybetter heh

Johnny Ong said...

wah die la, after reading a number of submissions, my blog posting is droppin further and further away la

GiN said...

falcon: haha..thanks man!

ray: nar...i'm pretty sure anyone can

johnny ong: yeah..same here man..