Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Penang Hill Canopy Walk

Not too long ago, I decided to go to Penang Hill. (Sometimes i have no idea why its called bukit bendera. Bukit bendera means flag hill isn't it!)

I felt that i should start curing my unhealthy lungs after a never ending episode of going to Mois over and over again.

and also cure my eyesight at the same time by enjoying mother nature again.

Anyhow, Penang hill was fun.

So what did I do up there??? Well went to see birds...

Especially seeing this really cute one that really caught my attention...

Went to Bellevue Hotel to enjoy the beautiful scenary of Penang.

Had lunch over there. (Not too bad!)

Pass by some shops with no intentions of buying anything back

Bought some Kacang. (Can only recall of buying the kacang here since i was small)

Then came the exciting part.

At a distance of 1.5km from the famous water fountain, Penang Hill now has something new and interesting to offer.

It is the Penang Hill Canopy Walk!

Scrapping all ideas of going out for any night outing, this was definitely the thing I missed most since my high school days. I decided to go for it.

Now...the Canopy Walk only costs RM5 per entry. Not expensive right!

If you're wondering how cheap a person could possibly go.

I asked for a discount. (hehe just joking)

Anyway. It was definitely fun! This is how it looks like..

View from the top (definitely looks high from up there)

Instructions to be followed.

The narrow path (looks pretty safe isn't it)

Overall, I think this was definitely the thing to go for whenever i'm up here at Penang Hill.

Judging by the next picture..

Somehow I felt that i was tested on something...I just don't know what...


Anonymous said...
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sista said...

who wanna know what actually happen to ginz? hahaha...

AhPau said...

omg how come i didn't know there was a canopy walk in penang hill!~!
damn outdated . . .

but rm5 just to walk across?!?

GiN said...

i was as well!was around for nearly a year..yeah just RM5 to walk one whole big round and back to land..very exciting!

Audrey said...

Actually it's been around for a very very very long time. I remember going on it December 2004.

GiN said...

really?damn i'm outdated as well..