Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Driving a Super Fast Car

Just awhile ago, I was driving a really really fast car that I would never imagine of even driving one. Not to say even in this life time!!But all that has changed..

What car am i talking about?

Its the kind of car that you could have one girlfriend a day. Do the math!!

As for the speed,

Its the kind of car that smokes Proton Satria Gti (No idea what that means)

Puts an RX8 to shame (supposedly)

Faster than a C230 Kompressor

and definitely faster than Nissan Sunny 130Y.

And no offense to my friend SY who may read this blog, but the car I drove could easily smoke his car as well

It's the kind of car that your rich friends will not let you have a go at their car because oh well,

first of all you can't afford it

but most importantly, they can never respect you of being skilled enough to drive a really fast car.

So much so, they look down on you and say wahh you better not drive ler, u've never driven such a fast car before. nanti pergi longkang!

Not even given a chance to show my born skills that i'm definitely capable to drive such a car, u've already been said from the start. Sadly, such a chance will never be given to you because u're never respected even from the beginning.

But who could blame them. Its an expensive car that we're talking about.

But as of today, the time has come for me to be respected as one of the guys who ummm has skill i hope and respected for my views on fast cars out there!

Knowledge in modifications as well...Girlfriend expected soon..

The time has also come for me to be respected for my experiences with other fast cars that I have raced with.

Either all that or i would be doomed as the guy who does not know how to drive a fast car forever!

Now you're wondering what kind of car I drove about....

i guess i know where I stand..


SY said...

This blog should come with an IQ depletion warning. Trust me, i know..i just ran an IQ test and it was like WHOA, 50 points lower! :o (mental retardation)

GiN said...

hopefully it does not stay that way but if its true, i suppose i'm breeding quite a number of IQ depleted people..dats dangerous..