Monday, April 14, 2008

Take care of yourself first

Not being able to wait for the policeman to do something about our theft matter, we decided to handle the theft situation and not wait for another incident to happen again. We cannot keep on replacing our air-cond compressors forever.

So, for the past one week, my job destination changed to security manager.

One of the things I had to do was to get quotations for installation of CCTV (closed-circuit televition) to beef up our security defense.

That's right guys! We have gone one step forward towards the future for this half a century old company.

We are going to record those thieves and hopefully the police is able to do something about it.

Now, there are alot of companies supplying such security cameras due to the rising crime rate in Malaysia but after going through 5 to 6 quotations, they all had one thing in common.


Not only are they expensive, we also risk our cameras from getting stolen!

So being a half century old company, we only decided to go back to basics. Something our ancestors would do back in the old days against predators.

Something cheap and affective.

Welcome to our new defence.

This is not any normal two-line spiky fencing mind you. It will puncture the gloves normally affordable by these thieves that can bypass the normal spiky defense like below.

As a result, We look like a prison now. We are no longer friendly people anymore. You understand now why in Malaysia we have fencing and gates?


Anonymous said...
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AhPau said...

wahhh...looks like prison la!~ haha

btw since when you live in kedah? LOL. I actually 1st heard of this aircon-compressor-stealer from my friend in KL cos his got stolen. haha. i was like "huh? seriously?"

guess there's just a lot of desperate people out there.

GiN said...

ah pau: noler, I work there once awhile. It happened at my workplace..crazy isn't it..

Anonymous said...
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