Thursday, April 24, 2008

Raid at Upper Penang Road

For days I was wondering, why can't the police catch those culprits who stole my air-cond compressors. Yes Guys..i'm still thinking...

I mean..Are they inefficient to catch thieves because of their slow proton cars and require something better?

Are they committed to their job of catching the real bad guys at the first place?

Are they too busy?

Is there a lack of personnel in their workforce?

Are the girls in our police workforce not pretty enough to motivate them to do their job properly?

Do they have a 9 to 5 work schedule which means that the thief can come out and steal people's things at night?

I really have no idea. But things became much clearer to me last weekend.

You see..Last weekend, instead of catching thieves, they were all here at Upper Penang Road.

"I decided to go to MOIS after my feeling of "outcastm" from QE2."

They were raiding night clubs like raining men Alleluyeah its raining men!!

They raided three night clubs in a row!! ALL IN ONE NIGHT!!

Okla not this type of raid....They normally come in plainclothes because Malaysian people are nice so guns and bullet-vests are not required.

What a show of efficiency!! I mean they were working while we were partying. That's definitely commitment there as well.

Anyhow, this is how SS(Slipperty Senorita) looks like when it is being raided at 1am. The doors are closed to lock you inside from escaping.

If there was anything, the police are not dumb. The raid was made for a reason just like how they left my air-cond compressor to be stolen over and over again to safe the world from green house gases.

They created a halal rave party outside to ensure that the younger generation were healthy people in the long run.

Thank you Police!I understand now how busy you are, committed you are, and motivated to catching the thief that stole my air-cond compressors! They're not here, they're in Kedah!!Stop checking for under-age girls.

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