Friday, April 25, 2008

Just too good to be true Girl of the month (April)

Okay its about time i continued with something that actually got me writing a blog at the first place.

Something that we could just glance through together and comment on my taste in women which some people is rather interested to know since i've been boiled down with bad luck of not having a girlfriend for so many years leaving lots of people suspecting that I could be rather picky setting the level too high for myself that I should actually look myself at the mirror more often.

Picky in the sense that that i'm forever looking for that one good glass of wine

than simply drinking whiskey coke over and over again for that fast thrill in a night club

So for the past few years, i've always had foreign western women as just too good to be true girls of the month.

Don't get me wrong, I know they're definitely way off my league.
If there was anything that says nothing is impossible, i know this is impossible.

But Seriously!!I'm quite ashamed of myself. I'm chinese and why look further when foreign men are going after all our chinese girls like

Michelle Yeoh

Shu Qi

Zhang Zi-yi

and many others..I mean hell!Most of the girls that i know who went overseas to study have english boyfriends.

What has happened to us chinese guys!!

Is it because of such attitude of looking at other foreign women that we forgot that the real beautiful women on earth is our own race!!

Being said, I am going all out pro-chinese. I'm china man now!! I present to you Just too good to be true girl of the month for this April.

Hyori Lee!!

ummm...What do you mean she's not chinese!! She's a Lee which means she's chinese right!!

She's Korean????

Ashamed i am.....Lee Hyori is Just too good to be true girl of the month.

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Ray said...

great pick ~ truly magnificent dancer with a body to /drool over