Sunday, April 20, 2008

Henessy Artistry in QE2

Last night, a few friends and I discussed on how our Saturday night would turn out which eventually happens to be the same thing every weekend.

We all agreed that we would pay QE2(a pub/restaurant by the jetty) a visit because we have not been there for awhile ever since MOIS Penang opened and the VIP ROOM which always seem too tempting.

We wanted to know how QE2 was getting along.

As we reached there, things became uncertain.

If you're wondering sometimes why a group of people gather outside before going into nightclubs, this was going to be one of the reason.

Entry to QE2 was at RM60 for that night.

The kind of money that could have been better spent on dates and improve on my relationship status.

Everyone was at doubt because blardy hell!!Everyone had the same kind of thoughts behind their back. Well if they did not have the same reason as me, at least they thought the money could be well used to help the needy.

After giving in some thought and checking our wallets and our future, we decided to go somewhere else cheaper that offers drink at an attractive one ringgit.

But as soon as we could do that, the gods decided to pour heavy rain.

A test to see how strong will we are in controlling our fate in the future.

Well, being this far, we decided to just walk further in before dooms day at the entry counter.

Along the path, things became much clearer to us on why the night costs RM60. An event was held there called the "Henessy Artistry"

There were sexy skinny tall skimpy dressed girls all outside to usher us into the club.

The kind of girls that would make us feel that RM60 was a small price to pay. I mean what is RM60 anyway. "WAHH damn cheap ler this club right!!"

Not only that, they even had a guy(the kind of a guy that parents would be ashamed off for his future) in a cubicle to play music the whole night that comes out of miserable small speakers.

I can imagine his parents shouting at him every night "WHY CAN'T YOU BE A DOCTOR OR A LAWYER?"

Soon, we were all RM60 poorer. Sorry mum and dad.

QE2 has changed.

They now have a nice big white retractable roof upon our heads to shelter us from heavy rain. This I must say helped alot in keeping such events alive in any weather conditions.

So, what was RM60 all about for such an event compared to a normal day.

There was a DJ on a stage with funny colored hair.

She was playing what i'd like to call it "NOISE". People who came for the event simply enjoyed this "Noise". Its a kind of music that only aliens from outer space would enjoy I feel.

The kind of music that has no meaning. The kind of music that simply lets people shake their head and ass for no apparent reason.

Not staying around there to see how the DJ was producing such noise, we decided to go upstairs.

Apparently, upstairs was filled with people from the higher class of society.

The kind of people who does not have to work for a living and still be able to drive an Aston Martin.

The kind of people that even if they do work with my kind of average pay, they could spend lavishly on girlfriends.

The kind of people who could tell the difference between an expensive leather shoe to a cheapo one. One glance at my shoe and they knew i was an outcast.

Now, this is where the real party is at. They were giving out free drinks which is of course promoting their Henessy brand.

There were also alot of beautiful girls in the room. Girls that fulfills my requirement of a Malaysian Dreamgirl.

If only, if only..

Sipping down my RM60 dollar worth of brandy, soon it was all over. Feeling as an outcast and with the unbearable noise being played over there, I decided to end the night early and get ready for next week to earn my money back by working extra hard.

Conclusion of the night: RM60 poorer and still a single man.


Leon said...

Gin...this is the most amazingly long post I've ever seen! ahah. nice :)

GiN said...

hahaha!!i'll try to keep the next one short..

abc123 said...

nicely explained.....good job cos I like it...