Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My supposedly cheap Canon IXUS 960 IS in Penang

Two days ago, I finally bought my first camera.

That's right. MY VERY FIRST CAMERA!!

After many years of having no relationship,

I managed to save enough money for my single-self to treat myself on something I've always wanted. I decided it was time to treat myself by buying a camera since i've not been able to find another date to spend on.

A camera to take photos on what's left of my single life before ending my life with expensive camwhore wedding photos.

To be able to show my kid one day that there are alot of things you are able to do besides taking your gf to shopping malls and carrying their handbags for them.

I have not been taking photos of nearly a quarter of my entire life.

Well to cut the story short.

Choosing a camera has never been easy for a first timer. Its simply difficult to buy a camera that is simply worth my whole month of pay.

If there was anything, I just had to get the latest. Not only that. I wanted the cheapest offer that I could find.

So with that, I now present to you my Canon Digital IXUS 960 IS that i manage to scrape through every life savings to come up and pay for it.

Titanium body, 12.1 Megapixel, Lots of functions, 2.5inch lcd, and blah blah..

I bought it for RM 1450 at a shop in KOMTAR Penang.

Much less compared to all the camera shops in Gurney plaza who offered me RM1499 the least. The camera comes with a 2GB card and a camera bag.

Now if you wanna tell me that RM49 is not much of a big difference. Let me(poor man) tell you that money is still money. A cent saved is a cent richer.


Cause the lady at the shop told me one that her offer is the best offer that you cannot find anywhere else!!

Now the funny thing is that everybody thinks and says the same way too. Nearly every shop i went to says that somehow!

I hope i wasn't duped. For no poor man can handle anything more that makes him poorer.


Yolar said...

See Here or Here

AhPau said...

Yaih~! for gin's new cam! Quick post up some nice shots!! =D

Mabel Leong said...

Hey Gin, I was deciding either the 860 or the 960. How's the 960 working out for you?

Dumuro said...

See Here

GiN said...

ah pau: coming soon..coming soon..just got back from a long holiday

Mabel: very good...i had the option but i opted for the 960 was = better than older version..

Akinogal said...

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