Thursday, March 20, 2008

Married at an early age. Would you?

Not too long ago, I met up with an old school classmate / friend who happens to be getting married this year!!


Some people ask me, how come he could do such a thing???

umm...You wouldn't if u have a girl this hot??

No that's not his girlfriend but his girlfriend is very pretty as well. So what does that tell you??

Anyway coming back to out meet up, if you're wondering what was the first thing that got into my mind,

IT WASN'T AN "ACCIDENT"! hehehe....ummm...

The first thing that got into my mind successful he could have been to do such a thing!

I mean...LOOK AT IT!!Its a really big step in his life.

I can't even imagine myself in a marriage. (that was my cousin in her wedding last week)

How too...when I don't have any of the 5C's at least for a start.

1. CAsh
2. Car
3. Credit Card.
4. Condominium
5. Country Club

How too when i'm still leaching on other people to get myself in VIP ROOMS such as the recent post.hehehe...

Obviously the step he took differenciates the boys and the men.

Now the next thing that many people would be interested to know is when they will have their first child since its no longer an accident.

Well at least I was interested because I wanted to know how old his kid would be so i can space out my timing on when I should settle down.

Then he whispers to me....

His newly wed not interested in having a baby at least for another five years which was agreed by him before marriage.

Now if you're wondering that this is no longer in use after u get married,

you're wrong!!

Heck!!Might as well come to the wedding in this?

She even controls what he can do with his "big brother" right from the start of the marriage. What else is there that the she couldn't control?

Obviously, this is a start of new marriages to come.

In that case. I'm 24, I'm single, I'm free from commitment, this is my prime time..ummm marriage now? No thank you. I think i'm gonna my marry my first sports car first.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

VIP Room in MOIS Penang

If there was any one thing about my life, I was not going to stand around and stay at the "bottom of the society chain" blocking me access to entertainment that is offered to only "Very Important People"

People who are rich, famous, and good looking.

People who own cars that not any normal people(the ones that clubs outside the VIP ROOM) would have

What am i talking about???


Something I couldn't do the last time I visited the club in my last post.

With so much curiosity, I really needed to check the room out and of course show the rest of the people who are together with me at the bottom of the society chain.

This is how far I would go to show my dear readers that I am committed to this blog and that waiting 10 to 15 days for a single post was very worth it.



This "field trip" was made possible by a friend. All thanks to him whom made thousands of phone calls through friends of friends of friends outside the club to get us a place in that VIP room.

Amazingly, we managed to have a place after buying 2 bottles of vodka and a bottle of whiskey which pretty much amounted to my entire months of pay cheque.

So, what's so nice in the VIP ROOM compared to clubbing on the outside of that room in MOIS?

Well, there was a Harp for rich educated children to play a different kind of tune whenever they find the music outside not too soothing to them.

There were beds.

Beds that I could only imagine a night like how SNoop DOGG would do it!!

There was a private bar.

The kind of bar that you could pull off a James Bond's way of ordering a drink.

There were lots of large seats in the middle.(Imagine yourself with the seats!)

and chandeliers everywhere to make the place look really exclusive.

Everything about this VIP Room really seemed perfect until I needed to do a minor business after having some drinks.

Gin:"Where is the VIP Toilet?"

waiter: "The toilet is at the end there sir" (Pointing at the general toilet used by all the low graded human beings outside the VIP Room)

Gin: "Look i think u did not hear me (Trying to act as a cocky rich kid), where is the VIP Toilet??"

Waiter: "there is no VIP toilet la boss. only that toilet over there"

THERE WERE NO VIP TOILETS IN THE ROOM!! I am VIP!! I cannot pee with other people nor use a tap that is over-used to wash hands after many "sticks".

Also I am not going out of the VIP Room that i may not have another chance of being in the next time i come clubbing in MOIS!


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My supposedly cheap Canon IXUS 960 IS in Penang

Two days ago, I finally bought my first camera.

That's right. MY VERY FIRST CAMERA!!

After many years of having no relationship,

I managed to save enough money for my single-self to treat myself on something I've always wanted. I decided it was time to treat myself by buying a camera since i've not been able to find another date to spend on.

A camera to take photos on what's left of my single life before ending my life with expensive camwhore wedding photos.

To be able to show my kid one day that there are alot of things you are able to do besides taking your gf to shopping malls and carrying their handbags for them.

I have not been taking photos of nearly a quarter of my entire life.

Well to cut the story short.

Choosing a camera has never been easy for a first timer. Its simply difficult to buy a camera that is simply worth my whole month of pay.

If there was anything, I just had to get the latest. Not only that. I wanted the cheapest offer that I could find.

So with that, I now present to you my Canon Digital IXUS 960 IS that i manage to scrape through every life savings to come up and pay for it.

Titanium body, 12.1 Megapixel, Lots of functions, 2.5inch lcd, and blah blah..

I bought it for RM 1450 at a shop in KOMTAR Penang.

Much less compared to all the camera shops in Gurney plaza who offered me RM1499 the least. The camera comes with a 2GB card and a camera bag.

Now if you wanna tell me that RM49 is not much of a big difference. Let me(poor man) tell you that money is still money. A cent saved is a cent richer.


Cause the lady at the shop told me one that her offer is the best offer that you cannot find anywhere else!!

Now the funny thing is that everybody thinks and says the same way too. Nearly every shop i went to says that somehow!

I hope i wasn't duped. For no poor man can handle anything more that makes him poorer.