Monday, February 18, 2008

Millionaire by blogging?

There are times poor people like me who earns an average pay would once awhile spend part of his life savings away to join his friends for dinner.


because we were going to have dinner at one-utama!

I knew nothing cheap was going to come by unless we were to visit the food court which I(poor man) would not even go because the food there is totally bad even though its affordable.

Trust me, I know its bad...happens to be part of the way to keep myself surviving in KL. Definitely ate there a couple of times

So before going to one-utama, I went to the nearest ATM machine that i could find and painfully took out some of my hard earned cash.

The kind of cash that could feed an entire family.(but sadly would just feed by selfish stomach this time around)

But no matter what, I knew that this dinner was going to help me out in my quest to richness as I was going to meet some successful people at my age.

Note: not being able to afford a camera, I could not take any pictures of our meet up

Anyway, just as I knew it, we sat down in some fancy restaurant that I have never noticed since i landed in KL.

Its called Jack's place.

HAHA!!!Shouldnt be too expensive!*Smiling away*(judging by its name)

As soon as I opened up the menu,

Another friend whispers to my ear, "Heart pain or not??"

*Not smiling anymore*

Never mind how hurting a person can get to you when u're poor, It was expensive!! Above my means. If I had a girlfriend, she would break off with me straight away!! I was doing something really fullish like spending my hard earned money away.

I could have said that i had an emergency situation to attend to and left. But then, I wanted to learn something from this guys.

During the course of the meal, my rich friends were exchanging notes on what to do with their millions that they just earned.

I could afford one but should I....

Buy a ferrari

or Buy a Lamborghini

or Buy an S-class and not a 7-series and pimp it out the ah beng way..

or just buy a Golf Gti for the fun of it which seems like a more affordable buy..

Of course, the only thing that they were not going to do was help uplift by financial situation. Not even a few cents..

Unnoticed to them, I was earning an average pay.

Soon, the dinner was over, and I was very much a poorer man.

Before my last friend left, he gave me an advice which is to blog for extra income. He told me there were bloggers earning 5 digits a month!



Quickly I came back home, looked into my computer.

And checked how much i've got so far through blogging


Ok...ummm 5 digits a month many visits do i need to achieve my millions?

*Will i be a millionaire by blogging??I wonder....*


Ferdinand said...

I think we are not much different. I guess we have a lot to learn to earn substantial income from blogging. At least we started our blogs already.

You might be interested to learn about the the Young Entrepreneur Society from the Who knows entrepreneurship might be your ticket to millions. Good luck.

SY said...

Well, if it's any consolation, at least you got a "5" digit :p hehehehe...

dann said...

Hie Gin,
Dann here reporting for duty, and here's my 2 cents worth. Alright, perhaps you can try out AdSense. An advertise engine. It's like a plugin to your blog. Each click of it will earn you some amount of money based on the pricing.

No harm done. You could still blog as usual, we will still drop by whatever your content will attract us.

Google AdSense. Earning by clicking. Till then...

GiN said...

sy: yeah..5 digit aeh.guess .i'm not doing too bad after all

dann: hey man!haha..yeah i know about it...thanks for the support man..u're worth a cent visiting here i think..haha..