Monday, February 25, 2008

Is lazyness stronger than coffee?

Every day since I started work, I have been depending on one thing to keep me going.

That is Coffee.

Not from Coffee Bean..

and definitely not from Starbucks. Look what it did to Britney.

I simply depend on my affordable Nescafe. Affordable and it works..

Now lets forget that there are some studies that states this...

"Studies have shown that coffee may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. After analyzing data on 120,000 people over an 18-year period (1), researchers at Harvard have concluded that drinking 1 to 3 cups of caffeinated coffee each day can reduce diabetes risk by several percentage points, compared with not drinking coffee at all."

Nevermind that its from Harvard...


I think that drinking coffee is bad. Simple as that. Anything that lets you do something different to your body like forcing your brain to keep awake is a bad thing.

But the only real reason why I drink coffee is because it keeps me awake and somehow feeling fresh throughout my day. But if i really wanted to sleep, I still could somehow!!!

(I happen to be one of the people on earth who has no trouble in sleeping but trouble keeping awake, thus does not require sleeping pills that could get you into big trouble)

Think heath ledger..

So where am i getting at??

Well, you see....

Tonight!! I need to stay up awake! I am required to finish up some paper work which requires to be passed up in two days time. Lots of paperwork.20 to 30 pages of written paperwork.

When i say paperwork, not this ok...

I mean this...

I've not even started on anything yet!!I was suppose to do it a month ago. Its always tomorrow after tomorrow. I seem to always have time!!And now...I have no choice but to do it..I only have TWO MORE DAYS!!

So, drank my dose of coffee...I wondered to myself..before attempting the assignment.

Ummm...what am i doing now..

I'm writing a blog. Have not touched my work, thinking maybe I should do it tomorrow. Then I thought to myself a case study which could be answered by Harvard or by you of course..

Is lazyness stronger than coffee?Will I go to bed and say haiyah still can do it tomorrow(you know following up on my consistency) or will i use the coffee dose together with the determination to complete the assignment.

wait wait...yawnn...ummm tomorrow?hehe...still got time leh...


3POINT8 said...

there is always time for a cuppa coffee tmr

SY said...

Ehh no free plugs for coff** b*an and StarSchmucks please :p

Aaron said...

LoL... i love the coffee of coffee, even nescafe... lol.. i am not addicted to it though.. Just love how it smells and taste..

If you're free drop by my blog :)

AhPau said...

"i'll do my homework tomorrow"...ahhh...every student's best excuse for not doing their homework.
but then, tomorrow never dies!!!
that's y i'm also always in the position u r in right now...haha

GiN said...

3point8: yeah..everyday..

sy:what can i say...

aaron: alright i will

ah pau: i'm in trouble pau!!hehe