Thursday, January 31, 2008

MOIS in Penang

Some night ago, while enjoying some satay at the famous Momo Satay right outside a night club also called Momo (I guess that is where the club got its name from..maybe...)

I noticed that this place where I was standing right outside this club was not as happening as before.

eating satay at this corner used to be alot more exciting


I guess its about time to move on to find an affordable place to chill and at the same time have a good time...with the "view" of course

Walking down that particular stretch(moving on), I noticed a new night club newly opened in Penang.

Its spelled MOIS. Some call this night club "M-U-A" some call it "M-O-I-S". The difference is really whether you want to be an Ah Beng or Ang Mor.

Already, the name shows how exclusive this club is before you even enter.

Judging from the amount of people waiting outside to cash in "their parents money" to have a good time inside this club, i knew this was definitely the most happening club at the moment comparing to my MOMO satay corner just now.

So, not wasting any more time on the outside, I walked inside the night club to see how happening it was. Apparently, you can go in for free before 1030pm(unknown people from this earth that is). I really had to know whats so exclusive about this place. I mean I don't even know why people like to go to such places at night.

First you go through a galaxy like tunnel for people going through hard times and wanting to go to a more peaceful place, at least away from earth for awhile(reality))

The Bar

The Dj Area

The dance floor with the balls at the top

The other end of the club (right next to the stage)

The toilet (of course there is a place to pee!!Its beyond that door!!)

and Semi-VIP seat

Before i knew it, I was taking a different kind of picture. All kinds of people started entering the night club. The crowd looked something like this.

Now some of you may say,


Well don't jump into conclusion yet, because this club has much more to offer.

This club has an area specially reserved for the most exclusive people in Penang, earth for that matter, or lets just put it this way...look good and richness is a minimum requirement.

Driving a BMW should be a minimum requirement.

Now....The entrance to this private area is specially guarded by two guards

which will stop any low grade human being (the bottom of the society chain) from entering and disturbing the environment in the private area.

Now I would like to show you how this reserved area looks like but oh well...we got to know where we stand don't we...

all i know is that i'm troubled with the fact that there will always be pretty girls inside that I would never know about compared to outside..

DAMN it sucks being poor and not good looking!!

so, if there's anything to do with the equation that money = chicks (sexy pretty girls), you know what I mean down here..

Nevertheless, the club really plays good R&B music and i really like it. Its so good, some of this guys and girls can't really remember how'd they manage to do the elephant dance together.

Looking at what the club has to offer. Will I come back here another time?

Hmmm..., but i definitely found a new spot to replace my Momo satay corner though...

What place is that?

Outside here...

What a wonderful sitting spot to chill...


Ray said...

Finally an update man don't keep them waiting la Gin. So when are we hitting up this new place I've yet to go so you could use that as an excuse to write a 2nd blogpost lol

Boss Stewie said...

wah mois looks quite nice wei.. they have a proper dance floor!!!

GiN said...

ray: hahaha...will do ray

Boss: i'm pretty sure u'd like it..the music is not bad really..

eneloj said...

nice one!!

Jake said...

I have a question, is there a place in penang similar to beach club in KL
You get what i mean ?