Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Saturday Night at Poppy

Last Saturday night, I went to poppy.

Its a night club near Aloha.

I don't know what is the name of the road.

But i know my car park is RM10 for the night.

We couldn get into the club because some of our friends were underage.

But its ok. They were "she's" and they'd manage to get in.

The music was definitely the best i've heard. Its RnB on saturday night. WHOLE NIGHT LONG!

Other than that, it was happening, filled with people dancing (actually just shaking their body around)

Looking at the place that night i thought it was just one of those places that look really like a dump when the day is bright.

Went back home, checked it on google. Guess what i found out.

We were clubbing at a place that look like this on daylight.

If you're wondering where I was standing, look at picture 2. I was standing next to that funny looking jar situated at the left end corner of the picture.

I guess clubbing wouldn be that happening if the place was kept like that for the night. A whole different kind of lighting going on back then.

Well, I think i will appreciate going out during the day time at poppy.

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