Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Maxis Wireless broadband review

Living in KL is expensive for me.(i represent the lower class of society being paid much less than what an average worker should be earning in the country)

Food is expensive. (had claypot chicken rice with syang and its was RM9)

My 4wd tank drinks petrol like water. (2.6 litre petrol engine) A pajero that has been over-glorified in the past.

Paying electricity bill is crazy.

My water bill is not too bad because i hardly drink but its still expenses.

Grocery is an added expenditure by choice. Despite i require so little for the house, somehow little things starts to add up alot for a single person.

and the list goes on...

Not knowing that i'll never be able to enjoy what most young rich kids can have like having a girlfriend

and driving their very fast japanese sports/rally car around town talking about modifications day and night and their past experiences racing with other rich kids' fast car.

Watching in cinemas together with their darling.

Buying their girlfriend birthday gifts,

romantic dinners,

and also to the extend of taking them trips all over the world.

what more have barely anything to do.

They complain of boredness when i'm stuck here infront of my laptop thinking of how to increase my income joining the rest of the troubled people on this earth!! kids i wonder..what a nice life..

I could barely able to support myself with so much expenditure already!!

Well...a few days ago, with already so much expenditure in hand..

I decided that after working for nearly two years now, I should get myself something to make my stay in KL a little more comfortable.


MY VERY OWN INTERNET!! (mind you, i never liked the idea of sharing somebody's internet connection all this time) (poor ppl still do have ethics even though they are umm...poor)

Nevermind if it was going to be an extra expenditure and have my single life extended by 30%, I was going to get it!

So, a few days ago, I decided to work on getting my internet. (find more details la, cannot simply rush rush one)

I called up one of my friends who happens to work in Maxis. YES...I have friends who work in MAXIS!!

His name is Matthew Krishnan. Played a very big role in Maxis in explaining to me the Maxis broadband. Reassuring me that buying the maxis broadband was a better choice for me than getting streamyx.

"So to the CEO of Maxis, If you find this guys name somewhere in your staff database, give him an increase and a higher rank in your organization."


You must be thinking why I decided not to get the puny small USB modem that is so fully advertised everywhere.

Its really that small.

Well, that's because i needed the LAN cable which the big modem offers so that I could one day share my internet connection with others by connecting it to a router. (clearly, poor man with long goals never really work)

It was so easy to apply for this wireless broadband from Maxis. All i needed was RM100, my iC, the address to where they would mail by bill(very important if you want to make a claim if you no longer want to use the modem. A claim can only be made if the modem is used where internet is accessible. Some kind of zone lah)

THAT'S IT!! I have internet straight away!

I chose the 640kbps which was RM78 which i would just have to break a few piggy banks that i have saved my entire life time and start paying next month.

I did not get the 384kbps which was RM68 (RM10 cheaper) because I felt that if i can spend on claypot chicken rice in that few minutes of a dinner, why not RM10 for one month. Clearly it was dumb maths. There is a one week of a trial period which u can return it if you're not happy with it. After that one week, you are binded to a contract of holding it for 18 months.

18 MONTHS!! gosh...18 months of expenditure, 18 months of singlehood, 18 months of sadness.

But all that is going to change soon when my blog gets famous i thought....or maybe an internet business I was going to build once i get my internet line(no business idea so i simply simply say i want to do internet business)

So it looks like this.

Nothing nice.

Nothing cute.

It has a Sim card which u insert behind.

It has battery so that i could still have internet for at least 45 minutes if the phone lines are down.

even if we're attacked by aliens disrupting our phone lines, i would still have internet.

It also comes with a phone.


The phone comes with the modem for 6 months which u have to return after that or else you'd have to pay RM15 every month. No extra charge on service till then. Just pay if you make outgoing phone calls. RM0.30 per minute to maxis. and blah blah..saying that, you should know by now that the sim card provides me with a new maxis phone number.

I NOW HAVE TWO MOBILE PHONES NUMBER!! Make me look like a busy busy man having two numbers. Its a 012 by the way.

Now the most important thing at the end of the day is whether the damn thing is any good.

Well..lets just say that i first tried doing the dumbest thing ever.

Checking out my broadband connection speed from maxis website.

Clearly not the way.

So i did it my way, the way that suits my everyday needs. I'm a very heavy internet user. If it works for me, it should work for u.

There were no problems in surfing the net..

Trust me.

Very compatible with facebook and friendster heavy users.

Before thinking all too well that this was the best offer that i have ever had, there was only one minor problem which i thought u should know,

YOU CAN'T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING during the day. P2P downloading starts from
12 midnight till 7am only. Can you live with that??

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Accept my friend request

I have now become full-time facebook user because of the following motivational video.




*gosh its just so difficult to be a stalker in facebook* there are regrets...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Saturday Night at Poppy

Last Saturday night, I went to poppy.

Its a night club near Aloha.

I don't know what is the name of the road.

But i know my car park is RM10 for the night.

We couldn get into the club because some of our friends were underage.

But its ok. They were "she's" and they'd manage to get in.

The music was definitely the best i've heard. Its RnB on saturday night. WHOLE NIGHT LONG!

Other than that, it was happening, filled with people dancing (actually just shaking their body around)

Looking at the place that night i thought it was just one of those places that look really like a dump when the day is bright.

Went back home, checked it on google. Guess what i found out.

We were clubbing at a place that look like this on daylight.

If you're wondering where I was standing, look at picture 2. I was standing next to that funny looking jar situated at the left end corner of the picture.

I guess clubbing wouldn be that happening if the place was kept like that for the night. A whole different kind of lighting going on back then.

Well, I think i will appreciate going out during the day time at poppy.