Thursday, September 27, 2007

This months happening song - Whatever you like

For those of you who needs some refreshment back at the office.

This month's happening song comes from.....

Guess who??

Enough hints??? (don't ask me why I have showed so many pictures just for hints)

Here's another. (adding more pictures just to give you a better view)

She comes from a group none other than pussy cat dolls.

Ok, if you did not get it still.....

Its a solo hit from NICOLE SCHERZINGER!!


My definition of happening song is....

Every now and then, guys and girls who goes clubbing would look forward for the latest hit to give them that extra dose to oh well..

CLUBB and Dance to the tunes of that happening hit just like the picture below!!

and that hit comes from Nicole Scherzinger this month. I think its definitely a happening song.

Enjoy the video of her latest song.

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