Thursday, September 20, 2007

Saving the Sumatran Rhino!

Not updating my blog for a long time can have an effect on me.

One of it would be not knowing where to start again.

This is serious!!!I really have no idea where to start!!

So scratching my head for awhile, I decided that I should just write about the latest thing i've done which happens to be the most productive thing i've done so far.

Please look at the right and you'll notice that I have added something.

I have added A LOGO which is about saving our Sumatran Rhino.

Some of you may not know this, but they're one of the world's rarest mammals and has been classified as critical endangered species.

There has been an estimate that there is just about 300 more of this Rhino's in this planet.

Which means if we would like to ensure that this animal will not only end up as pictures in books for our future generation to read,

steps have to be taken to

oh well.....SAVE THEM!!!

Now there are soooooo many ways to really help this Rhino and I have thought of a few.

You can either freeze its sperm, for backup just incase they all really extinct.

That's how they take sperm out from a Rhino. Just in case if you decide to help save the rhino this way.

That's also how they freeze sperm. (Educational isn't it my blog)

You can also try to help the male rhino propogate with the last few females of his kind.

by simply trapping them in a cage forcing the female to have no choice but oh well, accept fate

You can also try and make it a trend for celebrities to own one cute Rhino

as oppose to having a dog?

This way, it will help save the Sumatran Rhino's because they would have a better life which would mean higher chances of survival.

Now...some of you may ask what have I done to save the Rhino?

WELL!!Let me tell you.

At least I have showed my interest in saving the Rhino with that logo.


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