Friday, September 07, 2007

Louis Vuitton that you don't have

Girls today have gone a whole new level.

"Either you can afford me, or you don't have me."

So, that leaves poor people like me to be rather more careful and be a little more choosey. I guess some of you understand now, why i may be a little pickey at times.

"Beggars can be choosers to save themselves"

And one of the things that catches my eyes would always be, the Louis Vuitton bag.

Thats right!!That BAG!!The kind of bag that I would have to eat Char Koay Teow every day for the rest of my life if my future wife simply loves to spend on such a bag.

Louis Vuitton is the kind of brand that shopkeepers would stare at you to see whether you can afford to buy as you enter the shop

and as soon as you get that kind of judgment from her, you would do something like buy a few bags on the very same day to show her that you're better off than she actually thinks.(letting everyone know of course)

Even better if she still think's that you're poor after what you've just shown her in the shop,

you would take her to your house in your LV car to show that you can afford LV.

Even even better
if she still thinks that you're poor after that,

you would show her that even your garbage bag outside your house is made of LV design.

Even even even better
if she really still think that you're poor,

you would show her how happy your family is together with a little family pig decorated in LV design.

Even even even even better if she is still not impressed with your LV collection because they're not bags ,

you would show her that you have been to the world of louis vuitton bags

and show her the latest of the latest LV bag that you have bought as compared to what you can find in the shop that you went to. The kind of bag that comes together with a stand and would somehow look good being placed like a statue in the house.

(Mind you, its really a bag)

Then before you let the shopkeeper leave your house,

you make sure that she opens the doorlock to exit your house only noticing that even the pad lock of your house is from


Whatever we can say about it, LV is a very expensive brand and that's just about enough to distinguish between the poor and the rich and who's fashionable and who's not and who's got taste and who doesn't.

It is so expensive that If i were to go out with an LV chic who carries an ummmm LV bag and somehow accidentally got it dirty,

I may have to strip my entire white G2000 deceiving expensive shirt(tried to look smart and have money)

for her to wipe the dirt off only noticing that she's been going out with a G2000 cheapo and of course start telling me that she'll be meeting with a friend now and would meet me ummmm i donno when but maybe next time.

Saying all that, what would you say to a girl who may not have an LV bag but,


Yes!! A girl really rode this bike scooter and guess what girls....



Jhei said...



You lost me when you got to the pig.. o_O

GiN said... alittle lost as well..wonder wat i was writing...did it in 3am

tine said...

hahaha!! now people getting more and more creative and er..lame?, not only bag, now we have lv scooter!! :)
and no matter what u wear g2000cheapo shirt or armaniexp shirt, ull look good both!

*yumayz* said...

sympathy remarks blarther..hahahaa..who ask u blog kao kao and stop after that ar...the readers all check in ur blog till bored be consistant..i live next door and i am bored also..maybe u should set up a sms update crap..since u so I.T and techinacalized manager..ahhahaa...u see i added to the 3 that means i am 4..i feel lucky already..hahaa

GiN said...

tine: are you saying penang people are lame??hehe...

may: ai cheh...sorry time..

Anonymous said...

Really good stuff on LV. I also like to have louis vuitton bag because this brand offers a unique style and attractive designs within my pocket amount.

Louis Vuitton said...

Great stuff. I like the pig one. Now I know what people capable to do if you are addicted to Louis Vuitton. I also like the customize motor.

Anonymous said...


aisya said...

like that scooter..n may i know wer to get LV product or LV butiq in Penang? cant find 1..huhu

wholesale purses said...

I love louis vuitton!