Thursday, September 27, 2007

What happened to this great cook?

Every now and then back in KL, I would come up with *cough cough* a delicious meal for myself to eat. Sometimes its healthier and cheaper to eat in as compared to eating outside. I've never really been a great fan of having my meals outside.

Anyway My Meals look really delicious.

Meals that is definitely unforgettable by anyone who tastes it.

Ask some of these friends of mine around this table (if you do meet any of them one day)

who have tasted "my Special Mee" before and they'd be left speechless.

Of course, I have never been able to share the ingredient to cook it because every great cook would keep his own secrets.

So, a few minutes ago, I decided to take out a potato that was bought not too long ago(not sure when or who bought it) to come out with one of my next favourite dish for dinner .........when i noticed


Any idea on whats really happening in my life when it comes to meals back here or why i buy potatoes for?

This months happening song - Whatever you like

For those of you who needs some refreshment back at the office.

This month's happening song comes from.....

Guess who??

Enough hints??? (don't ask me why I have showed so many pictures just for hints)

Here's another. (adding more pictures just to give you a better view)

She comes from a group none other than pussy cat dolls.

Ok, if you did not get it still.....

Its a solo hit from NICOLE SCHERZINGER!!


My definition of happening song is....

Every now and then, guys and girls who goes clubbing would look forward for the latest hit to give them that extra dose to oh well..

CLUBB and Dance to the tunes of that happening hit just like the picture below!!

and that hit comes from Nicole Scherzinger this month. I think its definitely a happening song.

Enjoy the video of her latest song.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Saving the Sumatran Rhino!

Not updating my blog for a long time can have an effect on me.

One of it would be not knowing where to start again.

This is serious!!!I really have no idea where to start!!

So scratching my head for awhile, I decided that I should just write about the latest thing i've done which happens to be the most productive thing i've done so far.

Please look at the right and you'll notice that I have added something.

I have added A LOGO which is about saving our Sumatran Rhino.

Some of you may not know this, but they're one of the world's rarest mammals and has been classified as critical endangered species.

There has been an estimate that there is just about 300 more of this Rhino's in this planet.

Which means if we would like to ensure that this animal will not only end up as pictures in books for our future generation to read,

steps have to be taken to

oh well.....SAVE THEM!!!

Now there are soooooo many ways to really help this Rhino and I have thought of a few.

You can either freeze its sperm, for backup just incase they all really extinct.

That's how they take sperm out from a Rhino. Just in case if you decide to help save the rhino this way.

That's also how they freeze sperm. (Educational isn't it my blog)

You can also try to help the male rhino propogate with the last few females of his kind.

by simply trapping them in a cage forcing the female to have no choice but oh well, accept fate

You can also try and make it a trend for celebrities to own one cute Rhino

as oppose to having a dog?

This way, it will help save the Sumatran Rhino's because they would have a better life which would mean higher chances of survival.

Now...some of you may ask what have I done to save the Rhino?

WELL!!Let me tell you.

At least I have showed my interest in saving the Rhino with that logo.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Entertainment has got the better of me.

Why have I made plans to go out at night when i've not even fulfilled my own commitment?

I have only 5 minutes more to go and I have no choice but to quickly add something for my MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF FANS.

I have failed my friends. My Future doesn't seem too good.....

Entertainment has got the better of me.

Will post something when i get back from my little night outing.

I have 5 minutes more. Time to go....

Make own promises and fulfilling it

"IF you can't do things or make things happen, make promises to one self"

Keep up with your own promises to do things.

Making promises to oneself actually helps one person to be a useful human being instead of just depleting the oxygen on planet earth by exchanging it to carbon dioxide and not achieving anything other than that.

Promises must not be broken.

Saying all that,

I will create a new post tommorow.

It will be created before going out tommorow(15th September 2007) night.


Lack of motivation till need to make own promises??

I think that's really sad.....


Sad Sad...

Sad Sad Sad...

*Its girls like this that makes sadness a whole new meaning, the feel good meaning that is.*

Maybe sad is not that bad after all....

Friday, September 07, 2007

Louis Vuitton that you don't have

Girls today have gone a whole new level.

"Either you can afford me, or you don't have me."

So, that leaves poor people like me to be rather more careful and be a little more choosey. I guess some of you understand now, why i may be a little pickey at times.

"Beggars can be choosers to save themselves"

And one of the things that catches my eyes would always be, the Louis Vuitton bag.

Thats right!!That BAG!!The kind of bag that I would have to eat Char Koay Teow every day for the rest of my life if my future wife simply loves to spend on such a bag.

Louis Vuitton is the kind of brand that shopkeepers would stare at you to see whether you can afford to buy as you enter the shop

and as soon as you get that kind of judgment from her, you would do something like buy a few bags on the very same day to show her that you're better off than she actually thinks.(letting everyone know of course)

Even better if she still think's that you're poor after what you've just shown her in the shop,

you would take her to your house in your LV car to show that you can afford LV.

Even even better
if she still thinks that you're poor after that,

you would show her that even your garbage bag outside your house is made of LV design.

Even even even better
if she really still think that you're poor,

you would show her how happy your family is together with a little family pig decorated in LV design.

Even even even even better if she is still not impressed with your LV collection because they're not bags ,

you would show her that you have been to the world of louis vuitton bags

and show her the latest of the latest LV bag that you have bought as compared to what you can find in the shop that you went to. The kind of bag that comes together with a stand and would somehow look good being placed like a statue in the house.

(Mind you, its really a bag)

Then before you let the shopkeeper leave your house,

you make sure that she opens the doorlock to exit your house only noticing that even the pad lock of your house is from


Whatever we can say about it, LV is a very expensive brand and that's just about enough to distinguish between the poor and the rich and who's fashionable and who's not and who's got taste and who doesn't.

It is so expensive that If i were to go out with an LV chic who carries an ummmm LV bag and somehow accidentally got it dirty,

I may have to strip my entire white G2000 deceiving expensive shirt(tried to look smart and have money)

for her to wipe the dirt off only noticing that she's been going out with a G2000 cheapo and of course start telling me that she'll be meeting with a friend now and would meet me ummmm i donno when but maybe next time.

Saying all that, what would you say to a girl who may not have an LV bag but,


Yes!! A girl really rode this bike scooter and guess what girls....


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Survived the bus trip

Looking at the response after my recent post, nobody was interested to know whether i survived the trip back to Penang by bus.

Not even one???

Hmmmm.....I guess i did...

that sounded really really saddening...