Thursday, August 16, 2007

QE 2 - The latest happening place in Penang

Penang is so small that whenever anything new comes up, it pretty much becomes a big hit.

When it comes to night life, there are just about a handful of places where people can deposit part of their income on over-priced drinks.

Penang night devils either go out at Gurney Plaza (or Gurney drive in general), or Batu Ferengghi, or the famous upper penang road which pretty much house the more popular clubs in Penang if not pretty much the night clubs that Penang has to only offer.

Unless of course if you're looking for a different type of entertainment, I really can't help you.

So last weekend, a few friends of mine decided to visit a new pub/club/restaurant/fine dining which officially opened a few weeks ago at Weld Quay by the Jetty.

Its the latest happening place in Penang as of this moment. Happening because its new and therefore visited by many Penangites.

This happening place i'm talking about is none other than QE2.

Located by the sea (actually standing on the sea), its actually right next to our Penang Jetty.

The concept is wonderful. Nevermind if we had to pay RM3 for carpark to an anonymous car park attendant outside the newly built marina which was free all this while for dozens of years. It was nothing compared to what we were going to experience in this club/pub/restaurant/fine dining.

Before we went into the club, there was a long queue. There was a queue because you had to buy a drink before coming in. Much like the concept of SOHO pub down at Penang Road.

Fair enough. If you were really intending to go to such a place, you were going to buy a drink anyway.

But no matter what, the world is always unfair.

Just like any china man, I had to take a look at the place to see whether the environment was right before i would go ahead and buy my over-priced drink.

So, we had an inside man to take us in. It was his Uncle's place. Some kind of priviledges was passed down to my inside man. He brought us in for free.

Checking out the place before buying any drink, we knew that this was definitely the place to have one if not a few more, if not many more drinks.

It was a club/pub/restaurant that you could keep on visiting over and over again.

Looking out of the pub, you could see that it has the view of the pier.

The Marina.

Sometimes it just gives you the idea of coming into this club with style.

Thoughts were running all through my head.

If you couldn afford a ship just like Tiger Woods,

even coming in with our Malaysian Sampan would seem stylish enough to this club.

Don't forget the girls of course unless you'd like to be mistaken for a fisherman (the one that really does the fishing of ikan from the sea)

Coming back to earth, we really had a good time. Starting out with Long Island Tea as a drink, I knew that tonight was all about FUN, FUN , FUN!!!

We played games like this. Smallest card loses. A game which concludes that you cannot trust anyone whether male or female.

It was a drinking game.

We ate over-priced bread

We took pictures

and we kept on taking pictures when we should really be spending more time taking photos like how blogger Linsey would spend her time.

Although, we were there just for the drinks and having a good time chatting away, we cannot help but notice a lot of beautiful Penang girls with a definite modelling potential.


If you thought Carmen Soo was one of the very few pretty ones in Malaysia left, you are wrong!!

They were all here in QE2. I'm sure u know where to go this weekend!


*yumayz* said...

u so owe ur poor sis some credits to look stupid taking those pics..hehehe...courtesy of nokia baby...hehehe

GiN said...

HAHAHA....yeah i had to take the picture from u ler...Nokia takes good picture..

Anonymous said...

Still thinks CARMEN SOO is d hottest offense to d penang girls. Good review, goin to qe2 soon. :)

Elaine said...

thanks for sharing this :)