Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just too good to be true Merdeka-Girl of the Month

As we get older, I happen to know that our taste in girls tend to change.
If I could remember, when I was back in form 4 when M2M was a big hit, we were choosing which girl suited our taste

It was either the girl on the left, or the right. It happens to be Marit. Nice, childish, playful, cute, and singing her cute cute songs with her friend marion was so cute that we would just stop everything to completely finish watching her MTV. Short hair back then was the thing.

I liked Marit back then. And if you still liked her, you wouldn mind if she was like this now.

Well, my taste did not stop there.

Back then, Gigi Leung was the in-thing. Nevermind if she was 10 years older than me back then.

As years progresses, my taste changed a little and then I thought Zhao Wei was hot when she acted in So Close

Ok, i think i still like cute girls somehow i think..

So, as you an see...there is no one girl that one man likes...It was this...and then it was that...and then it keeps going on...What kind of features do i like to see in a girl now?

A friend once told me that her guy friend likes long legs in a girl. (sheesh...i thought thats weird and scary)

(Careful with this kind of guys, maybe lock him up?)

Well...since he shared, guess I'd have something that i like as well.

I like girls who can fit in things with her surrounding pretty well.

Alessandra Ambrosio, did it with an egg chair.

But guess who could fit on a washing basin?


She is just too good to be true Merdeka-Girl of the Month!!

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