Tuesday, August 21, 2007

At work or at office

There is a big difference when you tell someone you're going to work

or you're going to office

Let me explain..

IF you're going to work for example if you are a paddy planter, you would be actually planting padi

but if you're going to office for example if you are paddy planter, you would actually be at the paddy field but not actually planting paddy. You could be doing other things like sitting under a tree and not do anything. In short, a Slacker.

Now.....some of you might be curious to know what i do for a living. Like what i do at work? What kind of company do i work for?

First of all, no i do not work in a fashion house working together with models every day.

DAMN!!!I would have been really busy everyday wouldn it!

No..I also don't spend my time writing a blog while at work...it would have been boring...have better things to do..

Well, what i really do is that everyday, I go to office early in the morning and sometimes there is not much to do at the office,

So I start to create new hobbies over the months. Look at that....

Closer View

Count them?

I work for a company where creativity and knowledge has no limits...even drinking too...Work? What work? You know what they say that hobbies can turn out to be my pot of gold one day.

I will share with you guys more on what i do at the office soon. But for now, maybe you'd like to take this new hobby up?


Jhei said...

Haha, either that or we could tell your boss THE TRUTH as to what you have been up to at the office ;)

Boss Stewie said...

i love ur blog gin

GiN said...

Jhei: hmmm....i think u could...hahaha..

Boss Stewie: Ai cheh!! Thanks tiam! Always loved yours..