Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Balik Kampung with Bus before Merdeka

For the past one week i was thinking whether anyone would stop me from taking the bus this coming Thursday because of the latest incident in Malaysia where 20 over people died in a freakish bus accident.

Even the entire roof came out!I'm pretty sure the passengers did not know it was a kereta potong that was locally assembled by our very skilled kereta potong assemblers.

Mind you!! I must say that it was a very good safety device (ejection roof). An idea that seem similar to how a Jet Aircraft pilot were to eject from his plane.

If it wasn't for the kereta potong assembler specialist to fix in that specially designed roof, the few of them might not have survived the tragedy today.

Of course the technology has to be improved a little. They forgot that the passengers were sleeping at that time to not know when to jump off the bus unlike the jet pilot.


okok...Let me continue summore till you change your mind....

Then spot-checks were made on buses to find out how such accidents happen and found out that
some bus drivers were on drugs called Pil Kuda (Cool name isn't it). It helps them cope with their hectic schedule.

Some bus drivers were sleepy.

Some bus drivers have too many saman till he forgot when to pay them. Tak Perlu la!!

Some bus companies also collect 69,974 saman which would amount to RM2 million. Even buses here know how to set a Malaysian Book of records.

STILL NOBODY STOPPING ME FROM TAKING THE BUS YET!! i really have nothing to lose since nobody really cares..but i do care ummmmm about myself....(lame isn't it)

INTELLIGENTLY, i looked for an alternative transport.

Something like a plane.

Something that i can afford.

And its not air-asia or some no-frills airline.

Its called...The Aeroline!!!

The Convenient way to fly.

The only thing is..ummmmmm....


So, just to end things here for now till Thursday and hopefully i'm alive to tell u my bus experience, umm...please wish me luck.........

That the person i'm sitting next to in the bus is a babe!!!!

Since its KL, maybe...ummm....i don't know...maybe....ummmm....gosh picking a Malaysian celebrity is so hard!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Boo

Every now and then, i tend to hear a particular song. Its pretty much my favourite song.

Well, lately, i've been hearing this song again. Playing it over and over again until well it knows when to stop.

Whenever such an occasion happens,

I happen to be so in the mooood for..........(watch the video, u understand)

What do you think?

Am i into clubbing or romance next week Saturday?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just too good to be true Merdeka-Girl of the Month

As we get older, I happen to know that our taste in girls tend to change.
If I could remember, when I was back in form 4 when M2M was a big hit, we were choosing which girl suited our taste

It was either the girl on the left, or the right. It happens to be Marit. Nice, childish, playful, cute, and singing her cute cute songs with her friend marion was so cute that we would just stop everything to completely finish watching her MTV. Short hair back then was the thing.

I liked Marit back then. And if you still liked her, you wouldn mind if she was like this now.

Well, my taste did not stop there.

Back then, Gigi Leung was the in-thing. Nevermind if she was 10 years older than me back then.

As years progresses, my taste changed a little and then I thought Zhao Wei was hot when she acted in So Close

Ok, i think i still like cute girls somehow i think..

So, as you an see...there is no one girl that one man likes...It was this...and then it was that...and then it keeps going on...What kind of features do i like to see in a girl now?

A friend once told me that her guy friend likes long legs in a girl. (sheesh...i thought thats weird and scary)

(Careful with this kind of guys, maybe lock him up?)

Well...since he shared, guess I'd have something that i like as well.

I like girls who can fit in things with her surrounding pretty well.

Alessandra Ambrosio, did it with an egg chair.

But guess who could fit on a washing basin?


She is just too good to be true Merdeka-Girl of the Month!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

At work or at office

There is a big difference when you tell someone you're going to work

or you're going to office

Let me explain..

IF you're going to work for example if you are a paddy planter, you would be actually planting padi

but if you're going to office for example if you are paddy planter, you would actually be at the paddy field but not actually planting paddy. You could be doing other things like sitting under a tree and not do anything. In short, a Slacker.

Now.....some of you might be curious to know what i do for a living. Like what i do at work? What kind of company do i work for?

First of all, no i do not work in a fashion house working together with models every day.

DAMN!!!I would have been really busy everyday wouldn it!

No..I also don't spend my time writing a blog while at would have been boring...have better things to do..

Well, what i really do is that everyday, I go to office early in the morning and sometimes there is not much to do at the office,

So I start to create new hobbies over the months. Look at that....

Closer View

Count them?

I work for a company where creativity and knowledge has no limits...even drinking too...Work? What work? You know what they say that hobbies can turn out to be my pot of gold one day.

I will share with you guys more on what i do at the office soon. But for now, maybe you'd like to take this new hobby up?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Entertaining myself with Open Water

Last night, after much careful planning for the night outing, everything failed because it started to rain.

The truth: Actually there was no girls in my group so no point to go out la.


Sadly, the outcome was clearly what i would have expected.

I was left to stay at home.

Its ok guys!!Its ok!! I UNDERSTAND!!!

Staying at home on Saturday night wasn't a bad thing anyway.

Its actually good since we can actually save money, lead a healthier life, and of course stay away from liquor and other bad entities.

Now...its been awhile since i've actually stayed back on a Saturday night. I have somehow been going out so much that I have forgotten how fun it was to stay back at home and have a good time.

Thinking for awhile, I found out that this was the best time to catch up with movies from my DVD collection.

Not having any DVD's of the latest movies, I somehow stumbled upon this movie.

OPEN WATER which i've already watched it once.

For those of you who don't know what the movie is about, its about a couple that was accidentally left behind at Sea after a dive. The dive was suppose to be part of the couple's holiday.

Here's how the movie went.

They were left at sea until they were eaten up. They manage to stay alive for a day.

They drifted.

They kept drifting.

They were Shark Bait

Sharks keep popping out from no where to scare the couple.

Gets a cramp. Thought he was bitten by shark.

The man really got bitten by shark and started bleeding. (ok i know, the picture is alittle bit too much)

The man was releasing blood which attracted a larger group of sharks.

The man was eaten alive first.

Then it was the womans turn. (to be eaten of course)

End of movie.


I was actually entertained by this cold-blooded movie!!It was good enough for me to end my night with this movie.

Do you think i was bored or having a good time?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

QE 2 - The latest happening place in Penang

Penang is so small that whenever anything new comes up, it pretty much becomes a big hit.

When it comes to night life, there are just about a handful of places where people can deposit part of their income on over-priced drinks.

Penang night devils either go out at Gurney Plaza (or Gurney drive in general), or Batu Ferengghi, or the famous upper penang road which pretty much house the more popular clubs in Penang if not pretty much the night clubs that Penang has to only offer.

Unless of course if you're looking for a different type of entertainment, I really can't help you.

So last weekend, a few friends of mine decided to visit a new pub/club/restaurant/fine dining which officially opened a few weeks ago at Weld Quay by the Jetty.

Its the latest happening place in Penang as of this moment. Happening because its new and therefore visited by many Penangites.

This happening place i'm talking about is none other than QE2.

Located by the sea (actually standing on the sea), its actually right next to our Penang Jetty.

The concept is wonderful. Nevermind if we had to pay RM3 for carpark to an anonymous car park attendant outside the newly built marina which was free all this while for dozens of years. It was nothing compared to what we were going to experience in this club/pub/restaurant/fine dining.

Before we went into the club, there was a long queue. There was a queue because you had to buy a drink before coming in. Much like the concept of SOHO pub down at Penang Road.

Fair enough. If you were really intending to go to such a place, you were going to buy a drink anyway.

But no matter what, the world is always unfair.

Just like any china man, I had to take a look at the place to see whether the environment was right before i would go ahead and buy my over-priced drink.

So, we had an inside man to take us in. It was his Uncle's place. Some kind of priviledges was passed down to my inside man. He brought us in for free.

Checking out the place before buying any drink, we knew that this was definitely the place to have one if not a few more, if not many more drinks.

It was a club/pub/restaurant that you could keep on visiting over and over again.

Looking out of the pub, you could see that it has the view of the pier.

The Marina.

Sometimes it just gives you the idea of coming into this club with style.

Thoughts were running all through my head.

If you couldn afford a ship just like Tiger Woods,

even coming in with our Malaysian Sampan would seem stylish enough to this club.

Don't forget the girls of course unless you'd like to be mistaken for a fisherman (the one that really does the fishing of ikan from the sea)

Coming back to earth, we really had a good time. Starting out with Long Island Tea as a drink, I knew that tonight was all about FUN, FUN , FUN!!!

We played games like this. Smallest card loses. A game which concludes that you cannot trust anyone whether male or female.

It was a drinking game.

We ate over-priced bread

We took pictures

and we kept on taking pictures when we should really be spending more time taking photos like how blogger Linsey would spend her time.

Although, we were there just for the drinks and having a good time chatting away, we cannot help but notice a lot of beautiful Penang girls with a definite modelling potential.


If you thought Carmen Soo was one of the very few pretty ones in Malaysia left, you are wrong!!

They were all here in QE2. I'm sure u know where to go this weekend!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Take our picture at Laundry Bar?

A few hours ago, I was together with a few friends at Laundry Bar.

For those of you who don't know where it is. Laundry Bar is situated at the walk outside the Curve. (Part of the Curve still actually)

Its a place where people hang out together and see each other throw away money on over-priced drinks.

Now...If there was anything that KL has to offer on a Thursday night life as oppose to what you could do in Penang on the same night, it would be coming to this place and enjoy music.

Music being played by numerous number of bands.

Not just any bands..


While sitting there aimlessly with our over-priced drinks hearing what the local bands have to offer our Ears, some girl supprised us by coming up to our table and asked us whether she could take our pictures.

It did not occur to anyone to say no or even ask WHY.

Now...there are times that some of us guys may look like Brad Pitt at night


some of the girls may look like scarlett johanssen or better when coming to Laundry Bar

But I seriously think none of us is that popular. Not even self-made popular through blogs. This invitation was once in a life time. It never happened to us at such a happening place.

In such great excitement, somehow we let her take our pictures like as though we were some long lost forgotten celebrity. We even post for the pictures properly that she took with her Sony Cybershot camera.

but seriously,

I will never understand why we let an anonymous girl take our pictures without even knowing what its for?