Thursday, July 12, 2007

Watching the latest movie with Gin this Saturday

This coming Saturday(14th July 2007), i've decided to watch the "LATEST" Transformers movie in the cinema.

Yeah...It seems that alot of people decided that hey...I think we should leave Gin out in watching this movie.

When you hear silence in such invitations, you just have to understand that you're not wanted.

If you're wondering what the picture is all about, that's how a person would view the world when he is not wanted...


There are just about so many reasons why a person is not wanted. I don't suppose this could be reason the would it?

I don't think so. Not believing that it could be my physical apprearance that has caused this unwantedness, I began to think that it has more to do with the inner beautiful me. My attitude.
So, after a few weeks of self-improvement of trying to be wanted again, I've decided to people invite for the movie rather than waiting for invitations to see how well i've done in changing myself.

Now...I know alot of people have watched it, but i'm pretty sure there are some of you left out on this movie like I did.

"Just saying that to make me feel good that i'm not soo left out on this movie."

So, with a count of one in my list of "very well updated movie-goers" who happens to be Rayvin (A very popular blogger on theories of Arskmology, with great guitar skills), who else would like to join? *Not that i'm saying u're not wanted or anything like that.*

Counting Two who happens to be another very very popular blogger on why life's just like that. His name is Leon. Well Leon, if you've not watched it yet, life it just like that! We'll make life better with transformers after seeing robots with feelings. happens that i don't know that many bloggers..

If it makes things better, I could call it a bloggers meet and hopefully popular bloggers like Mr. Tiah can come and join as well even if you have to watch it for the hundredth time.

Now i've decided not to call anyone by phone because of the "hurtfullness" of being rejected by many people which is something an unwanted person really needs at this moment.

So, with much sympathy and care for your friends (me) out there who is really in need (a chance to proof how caring a friend you are), join us/me for transformers this Saturday or else there may not be a possibility that i'll be coming out again for future movies since the feeling of rejection would be at its final stage that would affect the mind for a very very long time if not for a lifetime.

If you could help it, bring a girl along as well. A beautiful one.

Some people are just meant to be rejected!


Wenhong said...

hey, are we still playing badminton saturday? i think we are. I'll go watch it again with you lah. Transformers's good enough for a 2nd time. Haha

GiN said...

yeah , we're still playing this Saturday. ai cheh! will discuss at badminton! haha thanx man..rejection has not really reached its final stage. haha..

*yumayz* said...

hey blarther u always have ur sista..eventhough it will be the 3rd time..hahahaa....its not the end of the world there is still 4 dollars dvd right? hahahahaa...hey its not that embarassing to go out with me okay!!!

AhPau said...

oh poor Gin, had to go through all those mental torture (which might have been exaggerated...=P)

I'd go for a 2nd time but, I won't be in Pg so...

GiN said...

yumayz: ummm....not feeling rejected already...haha..

ah pau: so....sigh...kena rejected in a nice way..ouch ouch..