Friday, July 13, 2007

Sexy Glo Dance with Big Tube Top Girl

Ever since I started work, i've never been able to go out at night during the weekdays because I very much know that it will reduce my sleeping hours and affect my work the next day.

One of the night outings that i've not done for a long time would be going to GLO.

A night club in Penang located at upper penang road opposite E & O hotel.

There are not many times I go to night places like this but one of the things that always catches my attention would be girls who normally wears a tube top and an ultra short skirt at this places.

Its definitely the ultimate clubbing wear for girls.

How come when its just a piece of cloth that you could say be found inside my toilet (hand towel) wrapped around a girls body and end up as a fashion item?

Of course, most of this tops are not just any normal material that you can simply find in Gin's toilet that he uses to wipe his hands.

Whatver we can say about this ulimate clubbing wear, the sexyness that comes from it after being worn is just simply extraordinary. The slimmer you are, the hotter you look with a tube.

Now, what happens when you're just not slim, think you're sexy, loves to dance, and have the biggest misunderstanding that wearing a tube top (the ultimate clubbing wear) will simply show that sexyness in the most extraordinary way.

Guess what I saw at GLO a long time ago in one of their sexy dance competitions. Don't be amazed why i called myself in youtube tuberculosis2.

Here are some pictures for those of you who are unable to watch the movie.

That is simply the biggest tube top i've ever seen in my life. I will no longer be attracted to girls wearing tube tops after this.

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Anonymous said...

Alessandra...oh my, Alessandra you poor thing.She does not deserve to be in the same post as a post about the fat girls at Glo. I know you're just trying to illustrate a point but but..Ale is sacred.

Glo on the other hand seems to have that cheap reputation now. My fav video is this one:

Its just wrong and disturbing...