Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not so fun partying at my place

Last Friday, i met up with two friends in KL.

One a chemical specialist and going for his masters in product designing and very interested in break dancing. (STANDING UP AGAINST THE WALL)


another who's an APPLE / Windows Pro (Computer Junkie). Most of the time called "Tech Tv". If you have anything wrong with your computer, call this fellar. (SITTING WITH THE COMPUTER AND WAVING HIS HAND)

After meeting up for an "affordable" dinner at Dragon-I at One-Utama, they wanted to do something happening. They came up with the suggestion of hanging out at my place.

I said sure why not!

When this was actually behind my mind. (DAMN!!!)

So, what was the party like at my place?

We had jolly shandy's and a packet of chips. (They don't take alcoholic drinks.)

Chemist specialist was infront of a laptop

Tech TV was also infront of a laptop as well not too distant away.

Each had their very own laptop to "TALK". If we had it our way (with internet connection of course), we would have chat with each other in MSN MESSENGER through web cam.

Joyful we were hearing to each others soothing music coming out from each others mini laptop speakers as well.

After all the joys and laughter we had, before the strike of midnight (when the early-to-bed guys decided to go back home), the ugly side of me came out.

You see, i'm a young bachelor who is lowly paid and unable to afford an indon maid to clean up my house.

What more being girlfriendless (leaving me helpess that is) leaves me not many choices of cleaning up the place. I wasn't going to put my ass on the line to clean up after the party.

So what happens after the party?

I made sure cleaning up was done after the party.


I know its not fun having a party at my place...I know...

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