Friday, July 06, 2007

I have a long way to go...

Ever since I started work, I have been perceived to be a busy person whenever any phone calls comes in or smses that i receive through my phone. I'm like Jack Bauer so to speak. "Every phone call is important! I'm not playing games!!"

Sometimes, i receive so much during the day, it leaves people close to me thinking that I'm on the right path and a clear view of being successful one day.

Every phone call made or receive is one step nearer to owning one of this.

Every sms I receive and send back is one step to setting a higher standard of what I want in life.

It just seems like i have no more time for casual chatting up sessions at mamak stalls and that receiving such calls or invitation through sms should rarely come if not none at all.

Receiving calls and smses of invitations to watching movies in cinemas, clubbing, ronda-ronda, snooker, and many other forms of entertainment is the PAST.

No time for girls even. I am at my prime. I have no time for dating.

The phone calls and smses I receive projects an image on me ready to settling down with a beautiful wife and having a good life together. I mean what else could a girl not want? I'm on the right path to a successful future, I play an important role in the company i work for, I am A SOMEBODY, I have built up a good reputation, I play an important role to society.

She wouldn even have the need check on my calls and smses to see whether i'm doing some hanky panky behind her back.

So, by saying all that, today i somehow received an sms during a meeting in the company. Of all time, the sms has to come. I'm such a busy man! Expecting calls or sms during meeting hours is nothing strange.

I read the sms anyway as it could have been a new potential business client.
The SMS read like this....

"BartopBabe Competition is getting really exciting. Who will be in the finals next week? Head on down to MOMO Penang 2nite n find out. Drinks promotions and more."

My future is sooooo in trouble...Imagine my future wife reading this. Nevermind future wife, future gf? I'm serious..I don't go for this things!!I don't enjoy this things!!

I have no idea how to stop this messages from coming!!

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