Monday, July 16, 2007

Destined not to watch Transformers

Last Saturday, I did not manage to watch Transformers.

There were no more available tickets to be bought for that movie. I was destined not to watch it even though I had friends joining me for it. Destined to be rejected? Damn!! hehe...

It did not matter if it was out for three weeks already. The movie still SELLS!! I did not book tickets thinking that I should be able to get one by now!!! Sadly I was wrong.

What can i say? There are just alot of children out there.

Whatever it is...I managed to get tickets to Die Hard 4.0

Thanks to Chris and Rayvin who joined me for the movie. The movie was not too bad. Very action-packed just like any Die Hard movies. The only thing that I found missing was the foul words used throughout the movie.

Its not enough to be a Die Hard movie!! It was far better when Bruce was with Samuel Jackson.. I'm sure for those of you who followed Die Hard movies till today, there were definitely more foul words then which could have added to the excitingness of watching the movie.

Oh well, there are just things in life that you have to accept which is.....


What an EMO I AM!!!

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DaphStar* said...

I think i'm destined not to watch transformers too! Bought tix thru e ticketing one week n got stood up. ANother week my fren bought, had a bbq last I missed the opportunity TWICE to watch transformers!