Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Graduation Picture that was taken creatively

Today, i looked into my statcounter and noticed that hey....I still have visits despite not updating for nearly 2 weeks...

!!!I must thank you guys for visiting this blog.

Anyway, just to get things going again, as you can see in my topic, its about a graduation picture that was taken creatively that was forwarded to me and I thought maybe i should share with you guys.

At least it would help bring out the creativity in students graduating from high school in the future.

Now.....This is how my school would graduate after form 5.

A group of Rambo's, Jude Law, Jessica Biel, and Tom Cruise trying to look cool altogether.
I thought shitz...seriously...nobody else can be more creative in taking their final year pictures than my school.

Not until i saw this....


I think creativity has its limits aeh....don't u think??

*More updates to come. This week got free time already.* Please visit more often unless of course u forgot what this blog was all about.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Destined not to watch Transformers

Last Saturday, I did not manage to watch Transformers.

There were no more available tickets to be bought for that movie. I was destined not to watch it even though I had friends joining me for it. Destined to be rejected? Damn!! hehe...

It did not matter if it was out for three weeks already. The movie still SELLS!! I did not book tickets thinking that I should be able to get one by now!!! Sadly I was wrong.

What can i say? There are just alot of children out there.

Whatever it is...I managed to get tickets to Die Hard 4.0

Thanks to Chris and Rayvin who joined me for the movie. The movie was not too bad. Very action-packed just like any Die Hard movies. The only thing that I found missing was the foul words used throughout the movie.

Its not enough to be a Die Hard movie!! It was far better when Bruce was with Samuel Jackson.. I'm sure for those of you who followed Die Hard movies till today, there were definitely more foul words then which could have added to the excitingness of watching the movie.

Oh well, there are just things in life that you have to accept which is.....


What an EMO I AM!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sexy Glo Dance with Big Tube Top Girl

Ever since I started work, i've never been able to go out at night during the weekdays because I very much know that it will reduce my sleeping hours and affect my work the next day.

One of the night outings that i've not done for a long time would be going to GLO.

A night club in Penang located at upper penang road opposite E & O hotel.

There are not many times I go to night places like this but one of the things that always catches my attention would be girls who normally wears a tube top and an ultra short skirt at this places.

Its definitely the ultimate clubbing wear for girls.

How come when its just a piece of cloth that you could say be found inside my toilet (hand towel) wrapped around a girls body and end up as a fashion item?

Of course, most of this tops are not just any normal material that you can simply find in Gin's toilet that he uses to wipe his hands.

Whatver we can say about this ulimate clubbing wear, the sexyness that comes from it after being worn is just simply extraordinary. The slimmer you are, the hotter you look with a tube.

Now, what happens when you're just not slim, think you're sexy, loves to dance, and have the biggest misunderstanding that wearing a tube top (the ultimate clubbing wear) will simply show that sexyness in the most extraordinary way.

Guess what I saw at GLO a long time ago in one of their sexy dance competitions. Don't be amazed why i called myself in youtube tuberculosis2.

Here are some pictures for those of you who are unable to watch the movie.

That is simply the biggest tube top i've ever seen in my life. I will no longer be attracted to girls wearing tube tops after this.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Watching the latest movie with Gin this Saturday

This coming Saturday(14th July 2007), i've decided to watch the "LATEST" Transformers movie in the cinema.

Yeah...It seems that alot of people decided that hey...I think we should leave Gin out in watching this movie.

When you hear silence in such invitations, you just have to understand that you're not wanted.

If you're wondering what the picture is all about, that's how a person would view the world when he is not wanted...


There are just about so many reasons why a person is not wanted. I don't suppose this could be reason the would it?

I don't think so. Not believing that it could be my physical apprearance that has caused this unwantedness, I began to think that it has more to do with the inner beautiful me. My attitude.
So, after a few weeks of self-improvement of trying to be wanted again, I've decided to people invite for the movie rather than waiting for invitations to see how well i've done in changing myself.

Now...I know alot of people have watched it, but i'm pretty sure there are some of you left out on this movie like I did.

"Just saying that to make me feel good that i'm not soo left out on this movie."

So, with a count of one in my list of "very well updated movie-goers" who happens to be Rayvin (A very popular blogger on theories of Arskmology, with great guitar skills), who else would like to join? *Not that i'm saying u're not wanted or anything like that.*

Counting Two who happens to be another very very popular blogger on why life's just like that. His name is Leon. Well Leon, if you've not watched it yet, life it just like that! We'll make life better with transformers after seeing robots with feelings.

Hmm...it happens that i don't know that many bloggers..

If it makes things better, I could call it a bloggers meet and hopefully popular bloggers like Mr. Tiah can come and join as well even if you have to watch it for the hundredth time.

Now i've decided not to call anyone by phone because of the "hurtfullness" of being rejected by many people which is something an unwanted person really needs at this moment.

So, with much sympathy and care for your friends (me) out there who is really in need (a chance to proof how caring a friend you are), join us/me for transformers this Saturday or else there may not be a possibility that i'll be coming out again for future movies since the feeling of rejection would be at its final stage that would affect the mind for a very very long time if not for a lifetime.

If you could help it, bring a girl along as well. A beautiful one.

Some people are just meant to be rejected!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Girl of the month

In continuation of keeping my blog well updated, its been awhile that i've not updated a post that was so important which have been the reason why I started a blog anyway.

A post that is sooo easy to read, easy to view, and easy to close this blog as well with a hope that the pictures posted will leave behind happiness to many soles out there.

Well, this post gives me the inspiration to continue updating my blog anyway.

Now, I would have really chosen Alessandra Ambrosio again and again and again because actually she deserves to be the girl for every month.

But sigh..this month, i'm thinking of someone who can sing. (Yeah i know my taste changes from time to time)

Someone who can sing in a unique way. Sing songs that truly have no meaning. Songs that are terribly dumb. Songs that makes me feel dumb after hearing it. Songs that are truly unromantic.

A girl who can sing a song on an umbrella.


Well..Guess who could!!!!

(Ummm....They're all the same girl...)



Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not so fun partying at my place

Last Friday, i met up with two friends in KL.

One a chemical specialist and going for his masters in product designing and very interested in break dancing. (STANDING UP AGAINST THE WALL)


another who's an APPLE / Windows Pro (Computer Junkie). Most of the time called "Tech Tv". If you have anything wrong with your computer, call this fellar. (SITTING WITH THE COMPUTER AND WAVING HIS HAND)

After meeting up for an "affordable" dinner at Dragon-I at One-Utama, they wanted to do something happening. They came up with the suggestion of hanging out at my place.

I said sure why not!

When this was actually behind my mind. (DAMN!!!)

So, what was the party like at my place?

We had jolly shandy's and a packet of chips. (They don't take alcoholic drinks.)

Chemist specialist was infront of a laptop

Tech TV was also infront of a laptop as well not too distant away.

Each had their very own laptop to "TALK". If we had it our way (with internet connection of course), we would have chat with each other in MSN MESSENGER through web cam.

Joyful we were hearing to each others soothing music coming out from each others mini laptop speakers as well.

After all the joys and laughter we had, before the strike of midnight (when the early-to-bed guys decided to go back home), the ugly side of me came out.

You see, i'm a young bachelor who is lowly paid and unable to afford an indon maid to clean up my house.

What more being girlfriendless (leaving me helpess that is) leaves me not many choices of cleaning up the place. I wasn't going to put my ass on the line to clean up after the party.

So what happens after the party?

I made sure cleaning up was done after the party.


I know its not fun having a party at my place...I know...

Friday, July 06, 2007

I have a long way to go...

Ever since I started work, I have been perceived to be a busy person whenever any phone calls comes in or smses that i receive through my phone. I'm like Jack Bauer so to speak. "Every phone call is important! I'm not playing games!!"

Sometimes, i receive so much during the day, it leaves people close to me thinking that I'm on the right path and a clear view of being successful one day.

Every phone call made or receive is one step nearer to owning one of this.

Every sms I receive and send back is one step to setting a higher standard of what I want in life.

It just seems like i have no more time for casual chatting up sessions at mamak stalls and that receiving such calls or invitation through sms should rarely come if not none at all.

Receiving calls and smses of invitations to watching movies in cinemas, clubbing, ronda-ronda, snooker, and many other forms of entertainment is the PAST.

No time for girls even. I am at my prime. I have no time for dating.

The phone calls and smses I receive projects an image on me ready to settling down with a beautiful wife and having a good life together. I mean what else could a girl not want? I'm on the right path to a successful future, I play an important role in the company i work for, I am A SOMEBODY, I have built up a good reputation, I play an important role to society.

She wouldn even have the need check on my calls and smses to see whether i'm doing some hanky panky behind her back.

So, by saying all that, today i somehow received an sms during a meeting in the company. Of all time, the sms has to come. I'm such a busy man! Expecting calls or sms during meeting hours is nothing strange.

I read the sms anyway as it could have been a new potential business client.
The SMS read like this....

"BartopBabe Competition is getting really exciting. Who will be in the finals next week? Head on down to MOMO Penang 2nite n find out. Drinks promotions and more."

My future is sooooo in trouble...Imagine my future wife reading this. Nevermind future wife, future gf? I'm serious..I don't go for this things!!I don't enjoy this things!!

I have no idea how to stop this messages from coming!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Updating soon

Guys and Girls,

I would like to apologize for not updating my blog lately. I will do update soon.

If there was any reason that I've not been updating. Its because i'm "busy".

Have not watched transformers yet. Who's up for the show?

Somehow i feel the sudden silence...