Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saw a flaw in friendsters, view her pictures now!!

Always wanted to see your favourite girls picture in friendsters and can never do it because she has not added you into their profile what more limited to the friends she adds?

Or are you one of those nerdy silent stalker who just want to view pictures without being seen by that someone?

OR Have u always wanted to see those sexy clubbing pictures that she has posted up but you will never be able to see it because you just cant. But still you want to view them??

IF you are pretty much one of those, do carry on.

Ok, this is how it goes. I'm going to write them in steps so that you guys can get it right.

1. The girls profile has to be private. When you click it. You get something like this. Which means you can't view her. *DON'T LET THAT SPOIL YOUR DREAMS* You still can view her.

Notice how i'm not logged in....

Continue to the next step.

2. Click on her picture.

Oh gosh, i hope you don't mind me using your picture, i really can view your pictures even without doing hope u do understand..

3. That girl has to have friends uploaded picture. That means her friends uploaded picture/s into her profile.

4. Click on friends uploaded picture.

5. As soon as you click on friends uploaded pictures,

6. Click on public photos.

7. And then guess what happens....(ALL HER PICTURE COMES OUT!!)

Take note: You may not be able to view her profile still, but ummm..i believe pictures are enough? Lets not get too greedy?


Start viewing them straight away!

*Khing if you are reading this, quickly make some changes*

Try it for the rest of profiles of the girls that you've always wanted to see. Remember, they must have pictures that friends has uploaded for them..

Don't worry, the girls without friends uploaded pictures are safe. At least for now.

Sigh...I'm sorry for those insecure and conservative girls..
No...I don't really think i'm smart for doing this. I feel very very ashamed.
I'm just going to die and live out my name as a legendary friendster stalker.

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