Monday, June 25, 2007

A Penang girl that was talked about last Saturday

Last Saturday, I had a small meet-up with some "long-time-no-see" friends.

We met up at Coffee Bean, Gurney Plaza where the atmosphere was just right to chat about...

anything that comes to mind!

It so happens that, in any Meet-Ups with "long-time-no-see" friends, its always about girls that comes to the picture.

And this came from a girl who talked about another girl.

It wasn't backstabbing. Don't worry Girls!! My friend not like that one..

She was over admiring her. She was letting us know that in life, there are just girls that you have to be...careful....that's all...

These are just the few things she was telling us that i can remember.

She is pretty. Prettier than some chinese models that i know.

She earns RM1900 but she spends RM7000 and more a month. Yes, she works...

She buys Luis Vuitton Shoes every now and then, and some other expensive brands for the feet.

Her father buys her a new honda civic

to replace a Beetle

She buys designer clothes in shopping malls without reading price tags leaving "girl friends" that went along with her feel really really poor

She has a degree in PR. That means she has brains and of course, should be pretty friendly.

She loves pink, and guess what, her room is totally pink

She has a huge closet to store her expensive designer shoes.

She has a dog that was flown over from Australia to Malaysia. Just like the one Paris Hilton carries around like an extra accessory to her hand-bag.

Take note: The dog was given some first class seat back to Malaysia. Changed citizenship as well.

She has so much jewellery. Tiffany and Co., that one cheap cheap only. At one time, she went over to see her friend in another country. She just spreaded out her jewellery all over the dressing table and still had not enough space leaving her friends to leave their jewellery in their small bag or something.

Its like she's the Paris Hilton of PENANG!!!

Narr...Penang people are supposed to be more down to earth. Not make their friends feel more hurted for being poor. I told myself she couldn be all this...What more..She is not the type to end up in prison or something.

She doesn't even spend her boyfriends money..U read that right!

She does not spend her boyfriends money!!

She does not spend her boyfriends money!!

What a lucky boyfriend she has...and i actually know this girl for quite awhile and i did not know she was all this!!

Its good to catch up with "long-time-no-see" friends...


ARSK said...

lol gin professing his interest :p

who's da chick la

Leon said...

haha...shud she choose to read this would be screwed. But I doubt she would, so i guess ur off the hook for now.

GiN said...

arsk: haha...some penang girl man..u should have joined the chatroom..

Leon: hahaha...i guess its some way to bring her to read this..