Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My New Toy

As a young bachelor man, there are just about so many things you can do with money besides buying your girlfriend anniversary gifts every year to treasure the love we "had" together and of course the benefits that comes together with it.

Not being able to afford a nice expensive sports car right now

I bought this.....A ZIPPO, lighter
Take note: I know its a dumb bargain for a girl...

a higher end as compared to these lighters

I even bought a lighter fluid for long extended use.

I just love to keep opening and closing the cap...Its always been my IN thing since small. What a childhood i know!

Now...some of you might begin to ask..

"Gin!!!Do you even smoke???"

Let me ask you:
What do you think a single man need this for besides smoking which he doesnt??


arsk said...

i know i know

you're gonna use it to light those candles around your house or maybe invite your chick over for sum candlelight dinner and lite those candles with it

a bottle of gin to make them wet
a zippo they never forget
so everytime a zippo appears
it reminds them ~ :p

GiN said...

arsk: imaginative you are mr. arsk!!