Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How much i get paid?

Ever since i started work, people has been curious on how much i get paid.

Now, I've never been able to share on how much i get paid because it has always been a very personal thing.

Yes, i don't share personal things. Selfish ain't it??

I know how much You GOOD friends out there wanting to make sure that I am paid well for my professional skills (like my friendster surfing "Hacking" skill in my last post).

GOOD friends who Also wants to make sure I can afford to have many kids in the future.

Also to make sure I will go ronda together in cars like this

Or sometimes, if we're sick with four wheeled luxury cars, we would go ronda in tanks like this

Also to make sure that I will be able to attend lingerie fashion shows from Victoria Secret.

Also to make sure that I will be able to live a good life in a nice and comfortable house.

What GOOD FRIENDS I HAVE!!!So no harm in telling how much i earn right.

Today, i opened up my fridge (to find food) to only find that....


I got to survive with Orange Juice, and Bread, and left-over sympathy cake from Abelyn. I think some Kaya on Bread shouldn be a problem.

Got a picture of how much i get paid?

Don't even ask me when i'm getting a girlfriend!!


Anonymous said...

aiya gin u removed the goodies b4 u snap the pic ...

GiN said...

sigh...i must be very free...

*yumayz* said...

i think u had less things in the fridge before..ahhahahaa...i see u did some shopping..hahahaa what happen to the eggs?hahhhh

GiN said...

gin: eggs had to be taken back...really couldn let chickens hatch inside..